Video on food prep


Video on my grab and go survival supplies


Good video :+1: one thing I would throw in with foods is vitamins.


I keep a good supply on hand, but don’t include it in these packs simply because I don’t understand the shelf life.


Well Ive tested this , I have a bottle of cheap Wal Mart multi vitamins that I got from my moms medicine cabinet. They have been expired for about 7 years and ive taken close to a hundred of them, it dosnt make me sick or taste any different. If stored properly , I think the main issue would be them losing potency.


By the way, I DO NOT recommend doing this. I am just curious and dont have any gunie pigs outside of myself.


shelf life versus marketing
someone discovered that the Best Before Date caused normally intelligent people to throw out perfectly good items and than to replace the very same item.
I recently bought a couple blocks of Cheddar Cheese (2kg) at a greatly reduced rate that were past their BBD, remembering back as a child that you just trimmed the fur off (and these blocks of the cheese still looked like the day they were made). Depending on how old it was mild would become medium to old in the cupboard.


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I’m in full “uhm” mode on this one, but the info is still good.

And this one