Video or channel URLs


Is there any way to add a video or channel in favorites? Trying to change my some of my bookmarks from youtube to full30, the new links brought me back to the home page. If the URL doesn’t changed depending on where you are on the site, you can’t easily return to a video. You have to go look it up again.

Also, you can’1 email someone a link to a video. I don’t use facebook or twitter and the embedded HTML does brings you to an “Access Denied” page. Without being able to copy a link, there is no way to share.


I stopped trying to watch videos on F30 a long time ago as the very same email address and password I use to log in to the forum gets denied over and over again. I suggest you stick to YT, at least for now as F30 still needs to be kinked out which may take quite some time. I use a YT gun channels folder in my bookmarks bar. Old school but it works.


To the best of my knowledge, accounts on Full30 are separate from the forum accounts. Each requires separate registration, so just because your credentials work on one, does not necessarily mean they will work on the other.


That’s an obsolete kind of setup. I usually won’t be bothered with any board that is not Disqus integrated. And I hate having to register at 5k different places. I’m already busy as it is.


I agree that it’s not an ideal setup, and integrating the two has been suggested in at least one other thread. I was just pointing out why you were having problems watching videos on Full30. Just another user here trying to help.


Yeah sure thing buddy, no problem :+1: