Video player size issues


Howdy. Long time viewer, finally realized there’s a forum.

I have to ask, is anyone else having…issues, shall I say, with the default size of the video player? Seems to default at about a 480p size (similar to the small mode on Youtube), with no other size option than full-screen…which, if I crank up the resolution to 1080p so it’s not fuzzy on my monitor, causes the site to get all kinds of laggy on playback. Usually, what happens is the audio keeps going but the picture freezes, then after a few seconds of that, the audio only goes in half-second blips every few seconds. I can only guess that there’s an issue with buffering or something?

Would really appreciate an intermediate size that’s big enough to make 720p resolution useful again, without being so big and resolution-required that it messes up playback. Possibly (likely, even!) I missed some setting on the site and just need to be pointed in the right direction to fix it in my preferences or somesuch.

In the nature of a post-script, this seemed to pop up quite recently as well–right around the weekend after SHOT Show '17.

Thanks for any responses or assistance


Hi Andrew,

In the bottom right of our player, there is a resolution selector switch with options from 1080p down to 240p. If you select your desired resolution, the player should remember your choice when browsing between videos on the site. There really shouldn’t be an issue on our end with going from full screen or in-browser view, as that toggle actually doesn’t change the size of the file. However, it could be that your hardware is having difficulty with the full screen video or your network connection is stuttering with large file size downloads.

Nevertheless, could you let us know:

(1) Your connection speed
(2) Your device type (mobile? Desktop? Laptop?)
(3) Operating System (Windows, Mac OS X)
(4) Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)


The main issue is not in the resolution but the size of the video frame in the browser.
Seem to have the same issue regardless of browser.
Like this:

The video frame used to change size to better fill the screen even when not in full screen.


While I don’t quite understand the specific issue the OP is reporting, I can add that I have had similar issues with freezing video (while audio continues to play) with both Firefox and Chrome. This has not happened since the “2.0” upgrade. To combat the issue, I attempted to change the resolution to everything lower than 1080 but the issue would persist. I would close Firefox and open in Chrome and, again, the issue would persist. This scenario has played out at least twice and I eventually get frustrated and just watch the videos on Youtube instead. I wish I could recall the actual date and time the issue occurred. Had I known at that time there was a forum available, I would have done so. I will do so in the future if needed.

I have a Gigabit internet connection.
I’ve got a gaming rig I built myself that has a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, 16 GB of RAM, an i5 CPU and a Samsung EVO SSD.
I run Windows 7.
I use both Firefox and Chrome and have experienced the issue in both browsers.


You’re seeing the player offset because you have adblock enabled. If you’d like your creators to continue producing content, you should white list Full30.

We’re also working on ways to reduce the ad load on viewers, and add skippable ads to Full30.


Ok. Still lots of wasted space due to scale. It did use to rescale the video frame when resizeing the window.

Youtube theater mode. Go.


YouTube theater mode is great, I agree with that 100%. Unfortunately the large player banners is part of what makes Full30 exist. Without the help from advertisers, paying our creators and covering our bandwidth expenses wouldn’t be possible.

One option would be using ctrl+scroll to zoom your browser in. It’s actually pretty quick and displays just like theater mode.

I’m also going to speak with our developer about shrinking the size of the channel text and subscribe button to give more room for the player.

Thanks for your feedback!


Would it be possible to place the ad banners in a different spot, so as not to impede the player size? I don’t usually mind the ads (though I wish autoplay for videos–including their ads–could be disabled as a preference), my biggest real gripe about those is that there’s such a limited rotation of them. At least they’re all relevant to some portion of the firearms community, which I imagine is kind of the point here at Full30.


Youtube as a reference. Same browser etc.
Still plenty of space for your ads.