Video Suggestion for Producers GUN SAFETY

My picture taking skills are at best Crap so Video is out of the question.
But as an idea for those who do well on vids.

We all know the way to stop Mass Shootings and Most crime is to arm the citizens.
Law Enforcement is an After The Fact response entity.
The way to Prevent is Education.

This includes Educating or children at a young age about firearms safety.
But a quick search on StewTube shows there is very little on teaching children about firearms.
What is on there teaches kids to Fear Guns and run and find an Adult.
That’s all well and good other than the Fear aspect.

Something I fail to find is the biggest killer by firearms of kids.
Peer Pressure!!
How many stories do you see about the sibling shoots sibling, cousin, friend ect with a gun?
Too Many!!!
And the Media and Anti Firearm crowd makes these stories a front page affair for their agenda pushing.

Peer Pressure is driving cause of most these accidents.
I want to see your Dads Gun.
C-Mon Chicken.
ect ect you know what I mean.

What about making a Safety Video showing how kids should handle Peer Pressure about this subject?
Running to Mom and Dad just gets a kid ostracized from their Peers.
Chicken Chicken!!!
You know how kids are.

Perhaps we could involve a few experts that visit Full30 in a collaboration effort to make this video.
Liberty Doll is in the mental health field, Readyman seems to be in the Medical Field, iv8888 always has a guest speaker on their videos that is in the Paramedic Field.
Many more could collaborate to make such a video.
Make it kid friendly and educate kids how to deal with this situation without making them Fear Firearms.
Present in such a way that kids and Parents alike would want to watch it together as well.

You could even tag it to Full30 to show we really do care as firearms owners and a Pro 2A organization at the same time.

Education is the key to prevention.
How about taking that step, and putting something out there that can make a difference, and shows we are not Gun Crazy Bubbas but caring members of society?
Lets work at taking the wind out of the sails of the Anti-Gun crowd.

Just a suggestion.


Education is the key to prevention
That statement can be applied to alot of problems from gun safety to abortion.
I know a few of you have a problem with the NRA but they have some of the best programs for safety and spend more money than anyone . I don’t know of any gun control group that spends one red cent on prevention. The NRA foundation raises money for youth programs and gives grants to schools to improve the security of the kids all from volunteers none of us is payed for working on committee . .look at the school shield program no other group is trying to do this .


It is funny that you posted this. My three daughters are competitive shooters. They have created firearm safety coloring books that we give away to kids. Held clinics to teach firearm safety and teach how to get involved in shooting sports. We were asked to produce a pilot for a show that will do exactly the things you are asking for. Unfortunately it is expensive to do. We started a gofundme and are learning that most people in the industry are all talk. They share memes and talk about making a difference and about supporting the next generation. However the actions have shown that most don’t wish to actually do what they say.


Well this is type of things I wanted to promote with my CAFPAR idea but support beyond designing the symbol and help with a charter has fallen off.
But we as Firearm Owners (all Pro 2a type people) as a general rule just complain and really take no steps to show the public otherwise how we are.
Or that inside We Actually Give A Damn!!
As I say Take The Wind from the Lefts Sails from the Anti Gun loony tunes.
There are plenty of Safety Videos and videos telling kids what to do if they find a gun.
But the mass overwhelming majority of those videos are instilling fear of firearms into kids to go get an adult.
That isn’t right in my book.
Fear should not be taught to our kids, but respect for firearms.
I SALUTE you and your daughters for your approach.
You seem to not teach fear, but respect for what a firearm is.
The NRA programs I am sorry to say do only a fair job at this.
The intent is there, but the execution is Fear related again.
Just as Hunters Safety programs are as well.
They concentrate on the danger aspect and not the respect for firearms.

The subject I suggested deals with Peer Pressure from fellow kids.
I have seen nothing other than literature and videos instructing kids to “Rat Out” (for lack of a better term) their friends and run and tell Mom or Dad ect.
So now a kid is in the situation where they are in Fear of being unaccepted by their Peers or in big trouble with the Adults.
Fear or Fear.
Which will be the choice?
If they cave into their Peers they may be the Cool Kid.
If they don’t they assuredly are the chicken shiza Rat that ran and told Mommy…
A tough choice for a kid to make.
But we all know that Mom and Dad are not always around when these situations come up.
Most always are not.
And we know the unfortunate consequences that occur; or could occur.
Most of the time this happens Adults are not around or otherwise occupied to watch the kids every minute.
You can teach your own kid gun safety but not the kid down the block that is the Cool Kid.
See where I am going?

So what is needed is to teach your kids how to effectively deal with these situations.
We have a great bunch of video savy folks here from all walks of life and skills as well.
A collaboration between them may produce a very well done educational video kids and parents could watch.
It may not be professional as some studio produced multi million dollar production but from what I have seen from these folks I would bet it will be Damn Good and well thought out without Fear being a driving force.
And address this issue in such a way that people and KIDS would want to watch it.
I also think that cost would be time from these folks.
Time they are willing to devote for a good cause.

Give a man a fish or teach him to fish.
So to say.

Ok My Old Man rant is concluded.
Sorry for being so long winded.


Honestly, I think it all boils down to maturity. Kids these days are so bubble wrap protected and not exposed to anything, much less how to deal with things. They have their parents do all the thinking for them. Honestly, I think kids are getting dumber every year.

We had toy guns when I was growing up, and we could tell a toy gun from a real gun. For one, our parents didn’t put real guns in our toy box and we didn’t put our toy guns under our parents pillows or in their closets or night stands. We also recognized the toys we had and if it wasn’t something we had been playing with or given as a gift, well, it probably wasn’t ours to play with.

I’ve seen many videos of the hidden cameras and gun tests they do with little kids, where the kids are grabbing some unknown firearm that was placed in a backpack for them to find or among toys, and the kids all grab it, point it, stare down the barrel, etc. All these videos have the moms crying in another room watching their child play with the gun and wondering where they went wrong.

Kids don’t even respect their elders these days, so having them learn respect for an object might be a challenge. In my day, fear of my elders would have trumped having respect or fear of a firearm. Peer pressure for me was non-existant. I knew the consequences before I ever took any bad actions.

Oh, as far as the video producers, well, with the exception of @Tactical_Reviews , I haven’t seen any others around the forum, unless it’s the occassional drive by where they drop their videos then leave. You might have to tag them on here for your idea.


Like I said getting support from people is very difficult. I often think that getting someone to commit time is even harder than getting a $25 donation. Our project would hit on all these ideas and present it in a way that both sides of the argument would have a hard time not supporting the idea, and yet having kids who are competitive shooters and teaching firearm safety would also creat a bit of controversy which is actually really great for getting the word out and making more people want to check it out. Education and entertainment. How do you think we got were we are today. Watch a tv show that involves firearms. They have anti gun messages hitting you from all angles and people do not even know it. It is litterally brainwashing people very slowly. The only way to fight it is to do the same with real honest information.


@Grenz45 Challenge accepted!
@redangel im here all day :frowning:

Also and most importantly there is a HUGE line of children’s stuff.


I tried to get producers more involved, but it just didn’t work. This forums offers some an amazing place to get involved with their subscribers. I wish there was the ability for me to contact each channel and talk with the producer, but there isn’t. Not yet at least.


I really wish they would have firearms safety at schools. I’m not talking about firearms usage, just safety. Like Eddie Eagle, Don’t touch, get an adult. As well as working to dis-spell some of the lies and false-information being pushed by Hollyweird and the anti-gun crowd. Information is a great tool. Disinformation is a weapon.


Oh, I didn’t forget about ya. :wink: But I know you are just getting started and don’t have your own channel yet on F30. And I hope when you do get one and become famous, you don’t forget about us little folks (your viewers) here on the forum.



He’s been using the forum community channel. It’s a great place to get your videos published here when you don’t already have a channel. Anyone that wants a firearms related video published, just let me know. I set up a storage area to upload them so I can get a good quality version posted.


Well Now…
We have some folks with skills wanting to make a difference.
TR has a lot of skills in video production.
Red has experience with kids and can guide us in how to address them.
2A has tons of experience doing these types productions.
Sarge is a safety expert with firearms.
If I count correctly.
Do we care if others want to join in?
Drop Ins or Not does anyone care?
I think (yes it hurt a little) we can use the input at this point.
I cant offer much but opinion and perhaps as a organizer.
Robert I’m sure will help us with anything we need as far as forum areas.

So any watchers out there want to join in too?
This wont be an overnight deal and will require a bit of effort for some time.
And a lot of ideas…


Here yes but limited of course and the unused back-up forum is ripe for ideas


It really is… I have gotten good viewership from there.