Video Yourself For Critiquing and Improving

We just started shooting video to critique our shooting and to see what changes we can make for improvement in our techniques. I am slow to get off the first shot after the buzzer. I was consistently taking a full second before I was on target and fired. Susan started out on this run at two seconds and was down to 1 1/2 seconds on the last of her five magazines. We are both making most of our hits; me with a 1X scope, and Susan with a good red dot sight. We are both shooting the five plates at around five seconds. We are consistent, and if we can shave a little time off our first shot from the timer we will be pleased. That is something we can do with dry practice away from the range, so we will just have to set aside time every day for a little self improvement.

Video Link


Videoing yourself is one of the best ways to get better. You can spot so many things you’re doing wrong after you’re done shooting.

I record much of my live fire sessions - most of which never hits the web. It’s for me to review for myself.


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if you didn’t know we now have a community channel that members can upload to full30 with out having to deal with utube.
I wish I know how to upload someone else’s videos but pretty sure T_R (@Tactical_Reviews) would be willing to help


I can get it if he wants. I can either grab it off YT or he can send me the file and I’ll get it up.


^ This. I’ve started doing this now since I’m on my own without live instruction. It’s a great idea.

Agreed with not making it public. :cowboy_hat_face: