Videos of firearms malfunctioning


I will use this thread to post any videos I find of guns malfunctioning.


(I started a seperate thread on this one )


That can ruin your day for sure.


Kind of off topic but…


I’m calling this one a hoax. Rifle is not pointed at the water bottle. The explosion comes from the area of the water bottle and the water comes at the camera not away. After the guy picked up the rifle after the “ND” the rifle is still in one piece.


I did not catch that, good eye.


Above the yokel that is making an attempt to get into the obituaries, are pretty good reminders for the need to properly maintenance your firearms as @jf89 advised. the necessity becomes an obvious exercise and much more motivated to do so if someone is shooting back.:hushed:


I don’t have a video, but this squib load happened to me. The gun didn’t sound or feel normal when I fired the round, so I stopped to investigate. My awareness prevented an accident. I was lucky…and very shaken for a few hours. It was my first reloading failure after 20,000+ rounds.


Treat your rifle right or it will fail.