Videos won't play on Windows 7?


Or is it Chrome? Hard to dump YouTub if I can’t watch anything here.


other than lag of the older upuke up until today they played. IV8888 maxim 08 would not start.
to solve the play issue I updated my vid dvr and clear the cache and browsing history everytime it starts to get bad.


I play videos using VLC video player.
It plays everything - audio and video without a hitch.


Still no good here. Nothing works to play videos.


windows 7 is fine, browser is the issue


I got about 1/2 way through and it stopped playing. Tried twice more, same thing.
Android phone.

Nicely done video, though.


Well thats frustrating, great video, Terry is a pro filmer, hope you can watch it on another device.


@Robert. What other device.(:slight_smile:
Dis is all I got, brother.


Internet connection? You got AT&T?


I run Opera on 8.1 and when I joined Full30 several months ago I was able to play the video’s and then one day it just stopped, no more video access. I could play the video on Youtube, if I it was there, but not on Full30. I decided to try a different browser so I loaded Chrome and found that Full30 video worked fine. So, it would appear that Full30 is not set up to work with some browsers or vice versa.


@KeithP. I have Verizon. Usually a good connection. Only thing that won’t run is Full30 videos.


Verizon… they are partnered with Comcast here. That was actually good internet. What device are you using? I have Verizon on my phone but AT&T for my house.


@KeithP Android (LG)


Hmmm… I’ll have to try on my Samsung. Problem with that is, I’m usually stuck with AT&T WiFi.


Won’t play on Chrome or IE. Interestingly enough, the same thing happens - blank screen, BUT if I double click on the blank screen while in Internet Explorer I get the full size opening screen of the video, but pushing play shows “Error; an unknown error occurred.” The only way to watch these videos is on my new phone.


Previously didn’t work on Opera, now does :thinking: