Videos won't play on Windows 7?

Or is it Chrome? Hard to dump YouTub if I can’t watch anything here.

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other than lag of the older upuke up until today they played. IV8888 maxim 08 would not start.
to solve the play issue I updated my vid dvr and clear the cache and browsing history everytime it starts to get bad.

I play videos using VLC video player.
It plays everything - audio and video without a hitch.

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Still no good here. Nothing works to play videos.

windows 7 is fine, browser is the issue

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Well thats frustrating, great video, Terry is a pro filmer, hope you can watch it on another device.

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Internet connection? You got AT&T?

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I run Opera on 8.1 and when I joined Full30 several months ago I was able to play the video’s and then one day it just stopped, no more video access. I could play the video on Youtube, if I it was there, but not on Full30. I decided to try a different browser so I loaded Chrome and found that Full30 video worked fine. So, it would appear that Full30 is not set up to work with some browsers or vice versa.

Verizon… they are partnered with Comcast here. That was actually good internet. What device are you using? I have Verizon on my phone but AT&T for my house.

Hmmm… I’ll have to try on my Samsung. Problem with that is, I’m usually stuck with AT&T WiFi.

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Won’t play on Chrome or IE. Interestingly enough, the same thing happens - blank screen, BUT if I double click on the blank screen while in Internet Explorer I get the full size opening screen of the video, but pushing play shows “Error; an unknown error occurred.” The only way to watch these videos is on my new phone.

Previously didn’t work on Opera, now does :thinking:

Well, I had given up on this website, kept deleting the notifications of new videos available, and for grins and giggles, I clicked one one…and lo and behold, Full30 videos now run on my Windows 7 computer, thank you.