Vietnam Era M1 Helmet


Anyone remember wearing one of these? I’m too young for steel pots. I’ve always liked this one. The front says “Germany Bound”. I hope he made it.

On a related note, I unpacked quite a few and put them on display in the garage.


Wow! Awesome collection!!!


That’s some collection you’ve got there! Very cool.


Thanks gentlemen!


An excellent collection.
Better to collect than to have had to wear them.
Glad to see none of them had a bullet hole.
I’ve only ever had two military helmets.
A WW2 German, a battle field pickup from an uncle and a WW2 US Civilian Home Guard.
After the war ended, the local surplus stores were full of them.
Both helmets were passed down to younger cousins.


Started my military time with a steel pot, heavy pain in the neck, literally! Biggest downside to changing to the Kevlar helmet was no more steel pot baths in the field.


I wore the steel pot when I went through basic and AIT in the late 80s. What was weird was arriving at jump school right afterward and being issued the kevlar.

To be honest, I really didn’t like the kevlar all that much. Gave me massive headaches no matter what. It wasn’t until we were issued the MICH that I could tolerate the “k-pot” for any extended periods of time.


'83 we were still using the steel pot in Airborne. Ranger batt was a pleasant break from any of that heavy headgear.


Dude! That’s awesome!


Anyone use them past 1985? I think that’s when the phase out was supposed to be complete.


That’s an incredible collection my friend, nicely done! Great post too!


Thanks @CliffD!


I realized I forgot to post a picture of the graffiti. Good thing I got a styrofoam head this morning!


Better than getting no head at all, I guess…:confused:


Or a real head.


1987 in jump school at Benning.


That’s awesome!