Viewing videos ... help!


Hey, nice site. I just joined because I hear so much about it on Youtube, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Question: Do you actually show videos here? I see them listed but when I hit them all I can see are the comments. Am I not using enough wrist action with my mouse or maybe I didn’t log in correctly.

FYI, I can see Youtube, FB, Vimeo and any other number of video sites, so I’m pretty sure I got my computer setting right, but who knows.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


I had to log in separately for the videos vs the forum. Dont know why as you would think they are the same site.


I don’t know why I would think they aren’t. Pardon my ignorance, but there is nothing on the site that explains that little tidbit. From what I can tell I have signed in both the forum ( and the video site ( When I touch on a video on the “Recently Added” page, it takes me to a page that describes the video, but there is no video. I look at the top right hand corner of the page and see the little man icon that links to my profile; I hit that and it shows me being signed in. Very frustrating.

Is there any moderation in this forum. Can someone with knowledge and experience guide me through this process? Or point out what I’m doing wrong.

This shouldn’t be that difficult.

Thanks in advance.


Okay, I’m signed into both the video site and the forum. I can tell because they each require a different password. Same name, different password. Still, I cannot view any videos. I’ve tried it on both Chrome and Firefox, but negative result.

I’m going back to Youtube for the time being. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.


Hmmm … I signed in on my Galaxy phone and guess what? I can see videos. But I still cannot on my computer, using Chrome and Firefox. Whassup with that?

Okay … good talk.


Try clearing your cache and cookies, try logging out and back in, make sure your browser is updated.


I don’t log in on the other site, and can still watch the videos.


All right! Thanks for the non-judgmental and helpful advice. I cleared cache and cookies, logged out, rebooted, etc. several times. I came back … no dice. I fiddlefarted around for a while, then logged back in. Voila!!! Suddenly, it was … and is … working! Very nice.

I musta not been holding my tongue right as I was punching in my password or something.

Again, thanks for the help.


Haha dang computers are so finicky sometimes. Glad it got working, now go watch a bunch of videos! :slight_smile:


Oh how frustrating this is!
How long have you been having this same problem? I would much rather go to the YouTube and watch hickok45.


Same here. On tablet and phone cannot do any videos in Firefox. They do load in Chrome. Can you give me some help here because I really don’t want to go back to using YouTube. Nor chrome… sorry if anything is misspelled I can’t see half of my post because some stupid yellow sticky note has popped up in front of my text. So far not a great fan of full 30v


I have the exact same trouble. I can never get the videos on FULL30 to play???


Which browser and device are you using? We are aware of a very small percentage of very old devices may have issues playing video on Full30.


Identical problem here running Firefox on a fairly new Windows 10 machine


Can’t view videos on tablet or phone using Firefox on android devices. Tab is new ASUS Zen tab with updated software. Update all apps when updates available.
Looking for good alternative to California anti 2A based YouTube.


Videos don’t play. They stop and start.


I go on the video site and click on the search icon and type in something like> 410 shotgun, and there’s nothing else to click on for searching that subject, so how does one search a subject on Full30?


Does Full30 ever read these forums. I’m new to these forums, and to Full30. Haven’t been able to view any videos yet, and haven’t seen any responses from Full30. I was really hoping Full30 would be a good gun friendly YT replacement, but can’t seem to get any help with even basic viewing of the content…
PS. A working app for android would be great. …


I have a Asus laptop with Windows10 on it and I run either chrome or edge and get the same non response.


I just joined and had the same issues with trying to view videos. Win 10, IE11, all updates. Finally, I thought to try the Edge browser instead of IE11 and the videos play fine.