Vigilantes fighting back against the cartels



Zorro is back?


I meant to comment on the article when I posted it. It was something about he value of armed citizens. I had a few too many to drink though. Itll come to me later…maybe


Unfortunately for Mexico, the average citizens aren’t allowed to have guns. So the Cartels and corrupt government has gone unchecked. When the people do try to fight back, they don’t have much chance - because the criminals and government will always have guns.

And so they come here…


And I honestly don’t blame them for bailing Mexico unless they swim ditches, or climb walls, as opposed as the legal method.
But it’s like California and NY… The “exodus” destination is all-too-often, Lehigh Acres Florida. Lehigh Acres used to be referred to as the ‘home of the newlywed and nearly dead’. It was a laid-back place where you could go grocery shopping and leave your doors unlocked and I’m not kidding
Now, it’s ‘thugs-n-drugs’ — “LA East”.
I want me some Smokey Mountains.