Vortex Strikefire 2 Red Green Dot Optic


What type of optic do you use on your AR 15?


I have so many different kinds. I like the EoTech, but they are over priced.


I dont think so. Ecspecially now that they are improving battery life to 2k hours. I like shooting with Irons though.


Eotech with Burris 3x magnifier on 1 setup , & Bushnell red dot ( acog style) with integrated open sights & Burris 3x magnifier. Have to give the vortex a try


Primary Arms and Vortex are about equal with different features. DI optics costs about $50 more and is combat grade stuff ddveloped for the South Korean armed forces.


Primary Arms Aimpoint micro clone with 50k battery life. Theres even torture test videos done by the AK operators union.



a Aimpoint CompM4 that gets swapped between the vz58 and the SKS



Battery life is crazy, a very nice Red Dot for the money.


Meh, iron sights. The damn thing isn’t good for more than about 300 yds anyway.
I know, I know… shit storm pending :flushed:


Vortex sparc 2


Those are nice also


I have multiple different Vortex pieces including the strikefire, I also have an Atibal MCRD that I just threw on my AR9 but havent used it yet. The clarity is quite nice on it and ultra affordable but hard to get most of their products. I am also starting to run quite a bit of the new gen Bushnell red dots and scopes which are quite nice and super fairly priced. Waiting on 1 new red dot from them to come in for my suppressed SBR currently.