VZ 58 fans in here?

Hi, community!
I am a big fan of 7.62*39! Just now looking for a pair for my lonely AK. I have read some info and stoped on Sa Vz58. Need some advice from more experienced friends.

Where can I find a good price?
What are difficulties regarding Sa Vz58?
Where can I find actual info on Vz58?
What are your thoughts about V58 owners?
Some interesting additional material and web links are welcomed (Please share)


Good prices can be found sometimes on Armslist.com for used. New ones I would recommend atlanticfirearms.com
The copy’s that century arms made called the VZ2008 are out there as well.
The difficulty’s with them- some of the vz58 have trigger problems due to the full auto to semi trigger conversion.( the vz2008 doesn’t have this problem). The safety will be interesting to use, and not a huge aftermarket for parts on them.
The positives, the firearm lends it self well to both right and left handed people. It is one pound lighter than a stamped AK. They are all pretty accurate.
Vz58 owners? I’m the only one I know.
I recommend cncwarrior.com for parts.
I have done a few training sessions and run and guns with them, and never a single hiccup. If you ever have a FTF, or FTE the entire action is open to you when this would hypothetical happen, no top cover to remove like on a AK. If you want any other info, or questions I would be happy to help.


a new member to the club
just trying to

source a left side charging handle…


@srdiver Nice addition! That fixed stock makes for one handsome looking rifle.

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To the best of my knowledge I don’t think I have ever seen one, at the 45 degree angle they are put out of the way for most people. I would guess that it would be a cut and weld proposition.

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and referred up here as beaver barf furniture

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My favorite color is Bakelite!

literature says they exist and available from the factory however because it is a Military rifle those “new” parts can only be sold to the “military”… Some sites claim they have carriers but you have to buy the rifle,

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Booo that. A saw and 220v ac will fix that!

my thought exactly = buy a spare carrier, zip disc the handle, swap sides, index and tig back on. May have to do a bit of thermo stress relief, baking and normalizing

2 hours in a oven at 200 degrees should be the tickets.

It really does, but the solid Bakelite stock has a “ flaw”.

If you are going to sling the rifle and do some hard run and gunning you might notice that the Bakelite stock’s rear sling is anemic, or light duty for a military rifle.

You will note that there is also only s small diameter screw holding it all together! The folding stock is all steel and has a welded sling loop on it.

So on my heavy duty vz58 rifles I leave the folding stock on the rifle.

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I have a VZ58 CQB that is one of favorite rifles. Just a handy, nifty little rifle that pulls to the shoulder well. Got mine from Czechpoint. Would have been nice if the Czechs would have built the rifle to take AK mags since I have so many. Kind of sucked having to buy he aluminum mags for the VZ. Overall I’m glad I have it though. Even like it as well as my BCM AR-15 which I didn’t think was possible.