#WalkAway Movement Gains Steam As Free-thinkers Reject The Left

“The #WalkAway movement consists of free-thinking liberals who are horrified by what has become of their side, of the Democratic Party, and they are posting videos and social media shares on why they have chosen to #WalkAway.”

“It’s important to note that most of those who #WalkAway are not embracing the GOP or even considering themselves conservatives or of the right; they are just walking away from the left and the Democratic Party.”

Here’s an example of the types of videos being shared by those in the #WalkAway movement:


Interesting and not surprising. I’ve also read the same of conservatives who’ve left the Republican party recently. Also read of the growing ranks of Independent voters. Seems like more and more folks feel both parties have abandoned them and are out of touch with America. Growing division and extreme rhetoric on both sides in my opinion.

I pray for our country and its unity. Divided we fall and united we conquer…


I have called myself a Democrat in the past. I think I’m still somewhat right-center. My issue is I cannot get behind extremism in any form. When the far right was doing they’re thing, it pushed me a little left. Now that the far left are going nuts, I’m pushed farther and farther right. It’s the all or nothing mentality that turns me off.


Dont talk about yourself like that, youre better then that, EQuinn.


Did you consider that you may have stayed relatively stable? The fringes that have come to rule political parties cause a shift in promoted dogma.