Walking through life on an empty chamber,,,


This video is scary to watch, I really struggle to imagine practicing this.

Just as surprising is the number of people who have guns and walk around with an empty chamber

Youtube was full of videos on it


Not being chambered, may as well carry a rock


I actual cringed with his method of cocking but…
if your train to rack and shoot how is it any different in truth, we are no longer trying to out draw the bad guy in the middle of a spaghetti western. If his draw time with the rack was 1.5 seconds to shoot and from previous research it takes most people that and almost a second longer to draw, aim and effectively shoot (and that is with a round in the chamber), so it all stems down to training and training. But my opinion and experience stems from carrying a DA pistol chambered decocked or SA pistols cocked and locked (manual safeties).



However, if you can draw, rack, aim, and shoot in 1.5 seconds, but draw, aim, and shoot in 1.3 seconds. I’d rather take those extra .2 seconds off my time.


Yeah, keep it chambered and cocked, and try and be responsible, and you won’t have negligent discharges.


Those .2 seconds could be the difference between life and death. I want them on my side, not the bad guy’s.


Anyone who isn’t confident carrying an autoloader with a chambered round needs more training.
A 1.5 second draw isn’t anything to brag about.
It doesn’t take too much practice to draw and hit the target in far less than that.
You better hope your opponent is slower than you.


^ This. And or stick to wheelguns.


I’m not to the level of one handed slide racking yet but that just looks like it would be more dangerous than carrying chambered?


Agreed. It’s a good skill to have should you ever be injured but not something I’d want to rely on in a high stress situation. Way too easy to screw up and you don’t get to call time out.
Carry a round chambered and be safe and aware.


It’s simple.
1.Carry with one in the chamber.
2. Train harder than those who seek to harm you and yours.
3. If you don’t have one, get a mind set that can allow you to do bad things to bad people, and you will never walk alone.


I was taught a long time ago that there is no such thing as a fair fight . You use every advantage you can to end the fight as quick as possible .


I want to seem him try that method while moving or while grappling with someone.

You don’t stand still during a self defense encounter. You’re either moving because there’s distance between you and your opponent and you want to keep the distance, or you’re grappling because they’re already on top of you.

This is by no means proof that it is viable because this is not testing the method under self defense conditions.

Like others have mentioned in this thread, that extra time racking the gun can mean the difference between life and death. There are videos on Active Self Protection of people dying because they had to rack their gun and couldn’t do it fast enough or couldn’t do it at all because they were in a fight.

So now let’s introduce movement, fighting, or any thing other than standing there. What if he fails to rack the slide? He likely isn’t going to notice the failure to chamber a round, so he has to point the gun at the attacker, pull the trigger, and rack the slide again. Or, he could have easily short stroked the pistol and created a nasty jam he has to clear, while there has not been a firearm introduced.

If you’re worried about the gun pointing at your femoral, carry on your hip or carry a better gun. If you’re worried about kids getting the gun in your purse, don’t carry in your purse. If you’re worried about shooting the toilet in the bathroom, don’t pull the gun out of the holster and just pull out the entire holster with the gun still inside (that’s what I do).


Thank you for the analysis. That is a great deal of information for a beginner like me to be able to consider.


It is a lot to consider. The nutshell take away is… carry with one in the pipe.