Walther Creed 9mm (sub $300)


I was goofing off online researching different pistols and seen Walther had a budget friendly 9mm. Its obviously a little dumbed down but the price tag is killer. I wonder how it compares to the Ruger Security 9?



Only one way to find out!
Let me know the results :grinning:



It is a great gun. Price does not match the quality. Accuracy is great. Maintenance is easy. Recoil is minimal.

The Creed replaced the PPX. The Creed is a little more refined, but both models share the same mags and look pretty similar (priced similarly, too).

What else do you want to know about it?


Where does it fall short of the PPQ?



The trigger, of course.

The styling is a little different - making the PPQ a little better looking (by most people’s accounts).

But, if you are ok with a ‘normal’ trigger (for a semiauto dao), and you don’t want to pay the extra $200, or so, then the Creed is the clear winner.

By the way, sub $300 for the Creed is the best price I have ever heard for them.


Everyone knows I really like Walther, a lot, but honestly for just a bit more than the Creed my Canik at ~$370 is every bit as good and better. Based on the Walther P99 the trigger is excellent and 18+1 > 16+1. The point-ability and target acquisition for me was equal to that of the PPQ to be honest. And I really love the PPQ.

Due note however the PPQ’s grip is better and one of the best for my hand.


While I am not a huge fan of the Walther
The creed is easy to shoot and handle
Sub 300 for this pistol is a good price



I am glad you are happy with your Canik.

I am happy with the Creed.

So, we are both happy, though made different choices. That’s part of the beauty of the gun world - something for everyone!


Indeed it is @JohnB!


Its on my maybe list.


Happy Shopping and testing! Please advise us of any test results


I bought one of these and an APX at the same time. Sold this one and kept the APX. but, I will always add this. ANYTHING is better than not having a weapon when you need one. I would proudly carry a 1911 or a Sig if I was broke. :smile:


CDNN has the Creed for $249