Walther PPQ Sub-Compact Pushed To It's Limits: 2,000 Round Review


Check out our 2,000 round review of the Walther PPQ SC.


ummm no it’s on uboob
good intro though
no holster?
not cleaning what a heretic


@srdiver I guess you don’t pay much attention to the video. I didn’t clean it on purpose. As far as the holster goes, that clip was taken 3 days after receiving it from Walther. My holster hadn’t come in yet. It is my EDC now!


Thats Canadian humor, its rough with no in house Canadian translator :grin::grin:


and it’s spelled hum our


I knew he was joking :smiley:


I was actually highly considering one of these…and changing the ridiculously light trigger to an apex. When I test fired it (with the apex trigger), I shot 3 in the same hole! I was impressed. The only concern I had was the factory SUPER light trigger. It seemed dangerous to me. Nice to see a video on it! Thanks for sharing.


@TacticoolSasquatch1776… I think you will really like it!