Walther PPQ Trigger Job

I came across this. Does anyone of you own a PPQ and did it? Or perhaps a buddy?

I don’t think the PPQ needs an improved trigger for 99% of shooters. It has a damn good trigger.

If you’re wanting to do the polishing as described in your link, go for it. That’s pretty much the description of the do it yourself trigger job for all pistols. Just be careful with the polishing. Don’t over polish or you might have problems.

The only thing I would upgrade from a purchasing standpoint is to get a shorter pull. The Apex PPQ trigger does just that.

I agree. The PPQ is pretty much excellent as it is and in my book only needs XS big dot tritium express sights and a DPM recoil system. Blade-Tech can mold you a holster for any gun.

I’m an incredible snob where it comes to guns and I love the 1911-ish platform (definitely getting the EDC X9). But realistically, noone (except for me, being the total nut case I am :P) in their right mind would ever consider actually carrying a Wilson Combat pistol. They’re more of a collectors item than a carry gun.
And personally, I don’t really like striker fired pistols unless I were an indoors security guard or when the given pistol would serve strictly as a night stand. Overall I just like the capabilities of a hammer fired pistol and have a one size has to fit all policy. (Im in to 18" ARs and nothing else for that very same reason). I’m looking at a P30L V1 LEM for a carry pistol, still on the fence though because HK doesn’t know what a good trigger means, so I’m doing research for now. The reason I would generally go for HK over Walther is because of Walther’s screwy business model. It’s hard to get support from Walther. HK is more proliferated and parts are easier to come by. Logistics -in any fire arm- is key for me and a deciding factor in my purchase. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the PPQ, it is an amazing, simply outstanding gun.
I like the concept or the P226 MK 25 SRT alot, but I’m not going near anything Cohen era. I’d pick up a pre-2004 SIG product in a heartbeat though. Especially German produce. Unfortunately, the German branch (SIG Sauer GmbH) barely exists anymore as all production takes place overhere at SIG Sauer Inc. I tend to stay with big, household names as they will be there in 50 years time. Small companies are too big a risk from an investment perspective. Unless they of course have already been around for decades, established themselves as a significant outfit on the market and are highly likely to remain in business (Wilson for instance). The Lionhearts, Desert Techs etc are a major risk from a consumer point of view. Who knows whether they’ll still be around in say 5/10 years? My rule of thumb is to always stick to the established brands as this will usually guarantee permanent/long-term support for your gun. And what’s on the market right know is highly unlikely to be discontinued, esecially the flagship offerings. They will always be there. Anyway, I digress a bit.