Wanna Win A Pistol, Ammo & Everything Else You Need?

I TOTALLY forgot to post this here on FULL30… FACE SLAP!

Ghost Tactical and I are doing a sweepstakes to raise a little money to offset the SHOT Show trip this year. A viewer donated a pistol and a bunch of other stuff was donated to the prize pack as well.

What you are doing is buying a limited edition sticker that will be hand numbered and signed during SHOT Show. Each sticker is an entry. There are less than 30 of the 100 left at this point… again, FACE SLAP.

The prize pack includes but my not be limited to:
Tressitu TX99 9mm Pistol (used)
200 Rounds 9mm Ammo By Code 1 Ammo
Cleaning Mat By The Gun Cleaners
Lube & Solvent By The Gun Cleaners
Pistol Case From Cedar Mill Fine Firearms
50 Paper Targets From Outdoor Products Plus
Velocity Shooting Glasses From Hunters HD Gold
Sentinel Electronic Ear Pro From Venture Gear Tactical
Real Avid 9mm Bore Boss From Full Mag Sports
Voodoo Tactical Compact Scorpion Range Bag
10″ AR500 Steel Gong From High Caliber Targets
Leather Belt By Star Leather USA
Lots Of Cool Swag & More


I’m in, to borrow a line from @Belt-Fed I’ll be waiting at the mailbox. Lol


I’m in as well. Enjoy SHOT. Be sure to look up @Robocop1051


oh yeah, crom is on my list


I’m in. Have fun at the show!


thank you to everyone, about 24 hours left and only 11 of the 100 left in stock… gonna call this a success and say GOOD LUCK to everyone that has a shot


We thank you for the opportunity!