Warning 🕺 offensive to youtube viewers


Seriously youtube, be careful not to inoculate anyone from the E-virus


I find youpuke offensive. Trying to rebuild my channel to 1000 subs so I can monitize my podcasts. At 418 right now. Screw them, I’m not about to be silenced.


That was awesome, I hope that becomes a real game.


Hah, dude got jacked.


I thought the female was about to get a taste of equality there for a second.


Like this one did:


Or this one:


@jf89 Now that’s entertaining!


Heres based stickman man:

Crazy fucker threw down with Antifa quite a few times, he defended people being attacked at pro trump rallies and those type of things. As far as I know he never attacked unless in defense of himself or others but still got jailed. There was a go-fund-me page to help him with legal fees but im unsure what happened to him.


love the Jesus shirt