Warning shot???

I guess the bad guy didn’t listen to his first three warnings. :grin:


Dumbass! Never fire a warning shot. You shoot your weapon at someone, it better be aimed at center mass!


I think I’ve seen donut operator talk about how a mag dump is sometimes called for, 1 round stopping power seldom happens from what I’ve heard


First warning shot, pelvis.
Second, lower chest.
Third, upper chest.
Fourth, throat/neck.
Fifth, head.
Then get serious if necessary…


I fear for my life would likely involve a mag change.


There’s a bit of dust on this thread, but that’s OK.

I know we all know this. It’s more for the noobs.

One round stops are brain/spine shots from what I’ve heard. Not the best shot to attempt in a social situation when adrenalin is pumping and fine motor control has decreased.

According to Federal Cartridge engineers stopping power starts at around 2k fps. Most SD handguns are nowhere near that. My point is that stopping power doesn’t exist with them. They work by inflicting enough trauma to shut down the body or convince the perp that he/she/it (my choice of pronoun for “those” folks) should get medical help (psychological stop). So yes, one shoots until the threat stops. Once it stops so does the shooting. One does not do what noobs do… shoot and look for a reaction, shoot again, look for a reaction. Skip the looking and just keep pouring in the bullets. When does the threat stop? When the target collapses to the ground, runs away, or by another means transmits that it’s no longer interested in the “negative” behavior that initiated the response of deadly force. Continuing to shoot after the threat has stopped is generally frowned on by even friendly DAs and will result in a long sentence.