Was at the doctor's office today!


Saw the Doc today he told me i need to incorporate more fruit and vegetables in my diet, does anyone know if they make a vegetable beer?


you were there discussing the gender reassignment operation?:rofl: kidding, hope all is well!


Beer is a grain. Also known as liquid bread.


Guys, it was a very poor attempt at a joke! it’s very slow around here tonight! I’m just trying to liven up the party!
Somebody post up some new guns please!


You know what they call female to male gender reassignment surgery?

An Addadicktome.


I’ve called beer liquid breakfast many times. Besides, it’s always 5:00 somewhere.


Around here it’s pour after 4!


Jai-alai ! The most dangerous sport on earth!!! Here is my jai-alai tribute in The dining room.


I’ll show you slow! This is what ive accomplished this evening, made a 30-06 shell

into a stylus for my tablet.


Go to hand gun picture thread. Uploaded Just for you.


I drink Jameson with an orange wedge, I am a carnivore though.


Try and stop by the FULL30 Tavern this Saturday I’ll buy you a drink!


V8 juice and Vodka… problem solved :crazy_face:


Ive been drinking with some local hobos all week, only worry is avoiding dirty Mike and the boys.


Hahahahhaha, that’s so messed up


Unpopular opinion:

IPAs are for hippies. Change my mind.


Im pro gun and pro marijuana, im also a red headed step child…oh the irony.


Oops, wrong thread…lol


I understand your philosophy, I believe if you make a choice, you better be willing to accept the consequences. However, if someone is all stoked up & runs over one of your children, spouse, whatever, its no longer a victimless event with the user being the only beneficiary of consequences.


Yeah, only college kids like that shit. I’ll have a Guinness please