Was I wrong?

Went to the local Super WalMart today to get some items that only they have locally at a reasonable price. I wasn’t going to go to JC Penny for sweat pants. I really dislike WalMart and it has to be a last resort for me to go there. So I parked and we used the side entrance that goes down a short corridor lined with games, and it ends inside the main entrance. Someone was sitting inside that side entrance and told us, “You can’t come in that door. You need to go out and use the main entrance.”. No asking, no sign outside, just the order. Now I knew she was wrong immediately because I just came in that door. Looking <100 feet in front of me I could see where I wanted to be, at the main entrance so I told her without stopping my pace, “I bet I can walk just fine down there and come out at the same place.”, and proceeded to. My wife being the brainwashed lemming that she is, and heck, it was the opposite of what I was doing, so she went out where she came in, walked parallel to my route and met me inside the main entrance. Nothing special happened at the main entrance to warrant it’s use over the other entrance.

I guess I just dislike being told to do stupid shit just because someone gets a ridiculous idea in their head. Maybe the main entrance was anti-covid or something? But I just think it’s yet another way to get everyone to conform to mindless crap.

Oh, and I wasn’t arrested for using the “wrong” door even though it had to be a felony.


Nope, but I would have had to say something just as stupid back to her like well I just did to mess with her tiny little mind.


Nope, but a big fat :heavy_check_mark: was just applied to your social credit score :spook:


Joe, I did ask her, “Are you doing drugs?”.

Robert I think it’s way too late for my social credit score. It’ll never be higher than a negative number. I take great pride in that.


Wanna be little social dick-tators, I had one at the grocery store today. When he seen me coming maskLESS :joy: of course,
he comes running to me telling me that I need a mask on to be inside the store :joy: .
I told him that this is a mask, and I’m in witness protection as I kept walking . He said then take it off and prove it to him, I took a step closer to him, I said if I take this mask off I will have to start all over in the witness protection program.
He said why? I told him if he sees my real face I would need to make sure it was the last face he ever seen again. I just stared at him with a hollow look in my eyes as he backed away down the isle and left. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Which one of them was you?