Washington: I-1639 Approved and How it Affects Us

Preface: I am not a lawyer, I could be misunderstanding some things in this terrible legislation. However I believe I’m correct and other opinions, official and layman, seem to support my assumptions.

A review from my last thread with some edits:

  1. All semi-autos that aren’t antiques are classified as Semi-automatic Assault Rifles (effective July 1st)
  2. Raises age requirement to buy a rifle to 21 (effective January 1st)
  3. Must have completed a safety course within the last 5 years of whenever you want to purchase a rifle (that’s more then one class if you want to buy another rifle after the 5 years has expired).(effective July 1st)
  4. Authorizing a $25 fee (read: TAX) on purchases of firearms (effective July 1st)
  5. 10 day waiting period for rifles (effective July 1st)
  6. Improper storing of a firearm that gets stolen by someone prohibited of possessing firearms earns you a class C felony (no definition of what "proper storage” is). (effective July 1st)
  7. Currently when buying a pistol you sign a wavier allowing the court or law enforcement to request your medical records relevant to your purchase of your pistol. This would be expanded to include semi-auto rifles. (effective July 1st)

What does this mean for Washington Gun Owners right now?

Volunteer, and donate to SAF and NRA so they can fight this BS in the courts. I’m are optimistic that we will beat this in the courts. There’s multiple points of attack on this. This was not a single-issue initiative (illegal), how the initiative was illegally presented to the voters, and a possible 4th Amendment violation.

18-20 year olds:
Purchase your rifles now. You will be allowed to keep your rifles in your home, fixed place of business, or “real property” under your control. Let your family know what you want for Christmas (and if they’re anti-gunners then ask for cash)!

I’ve not formulated my thoughts or picked other’s brains what to do after July 1st just yet so I’m not ready to comment on that just yet.

Stay strong Washington, we have some dark days ahead but we can beat this.


Sorry here to hear this, keep us updated on the fight. As an Oregonian I feel your pain, although we are doing slightly better.