Washington state recently introduced bills for some of the strictest gun laws in the country but they have some very important opponents: the sheriffs.

Washington is a reflection of the rest of the US.

The state of Washington is similar to the United States in general. The vast majority of the population lives in a few large cities, distant from the rural and small-town folks in a lot more than just mileage. The left-leaning cities are in direct opposition to the more right-leaning rural communities, but the rural communities are under the thumb of the city voters due to numbers.

Back when they voted on I-1639, 27 of the 39 counties were against the measure, but because the twelve counties that voted FOR it were more populous, the initiative passed.

Does this sound familiar? If it weren’t for the electoral college in national elections, we’d probably have Hillary Clinton as our president, and she’s notoriously anti-gun. The situation of gun owners would look very different right now if that had happened.

Now the state is divided because the counties that voted against the measure are refusing to be governed by unconstitutional laws to which they objected in the first place

And they’re supported by their sheriffs.

which means local law enforcement


Our Sheriff is the same way. I hope the SC starts stepping in and doing their job. At this rate , we lose. The left is better at playing in dirty politics.


So are the republicans…


True but the fact that the left gets their way with almost everything tells us they are better at it.


While this is true I just don’t want people to only focus on just one political party. :+1:


While people sort of question why I am moving back to Washington state, it is my home…
Thank goodness for the Sheriffs.


I’m currently living in Washington because of work. For the most part, the people I have met love their guns and are pretty pissed about these new gun laws. Of course, I’m heading home to South Carolina in about a month so I don’t have to deal with the laws out here much longer. Good luck @RogueGunnWorks.


Hillary is anti-gun except when she wants to add to the Death Count. If anyone opposes her for anything, even in Arkansas for the early years, they seem to just drop dead. In DC, the close to White House type lawyer, opposed Bill and Hillary and knew too many dirty tricks, found just off parkway in DC dead. They said he committed suicide. Shot twice in back of head.

Check this out, many articles on mystery deaths due to Clintons