"Waste Watch."

training to identify suspicious activity



It may sound spooky, but I’m not necessarily against this.

For example, truckers have a reputation for helping catch sex slavery and trafficking operations. I believe there’s even an organization of truckers that helps educate people on what to watch for and what to do and they’ve saved quite a few women and children from sex slavery thanks to their actions.

If waste management, or even bus drivers and other similar occupations, can get trained to identify potential crime and get it spotted and stopped, then this program likely will save lives.

There is a caveat to this.

These programs create the potential to simply help pad police numbers if they’re trained to watch out for “low level” crimes such as parking violations. But if these guys can get trained to spot robberies, assaults, sex trafficing, and other serious crimes, then this would be pretty cool. Toss in some first aid training and that’d be icing on the cake.

Now create a program that gives people a small raise if they go through training that includes how to spot sex trafficing and other serious crimes as well as a first aid / first responder program to help keep people alive until the medical professionals go up and we could really help improve our cities.

I am hesitently optimistic about these programs.


Thats more optimism than I have :neutral_face:


I really work hard at having a positive outlook - it really improves my quality of life.

As long as you don’t go too far into head in the sand realm.


Trash Collectors are able to recognize when something is not correct by virtue of them working in our lives through our trash. But also, all people should get their attention away from their phones and pay attention to our common environment. Lots to see to help us all.


This is the crux of it all isn’t it? I truly believe this is the largest reason why we are were we are. People just cannot separate themselves from their devices which is reality is mostly social media. It is like the whole society is narcissistic because of it. This is why I truly hate social media.


If you see something say something.


They should just arm the mail man and hire twice as many cops. Go through and execute all lifers in the prisons and anybody doing over 20, that would foot the bill for the cops and the mail man can get even with all the asshole dogs chasing him. Its a win-win.


so who is going to pay for this police state and why would you want to arm the next mass killer - remember the term “going postal”…


Well the mail man wont be going postal if he can just shoot the problems as they occur and if we just kill all the prisoners doing over 20 years that could help pay for more coppers


I don’t see an issue with training people to monitor as they’re driving around. No big deal. It’s better than posting up cameras on every block like London

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you might want to review that - taking in consideration the numbers that were incarcerated because of the three strikes or minimum sentence and war on drugs.


Good point. Then just off the sex offenders and murderers.


First taught to monitor, as normal, then what, then who, then the ghettos are created

concentrate and monitor the Jewish population as well as to facilitate later deportation of the Jews, the Germans and their collaborators created ghettos