Wasteland 3


I am excited about this one. If you like post apocolypse video games then I recommend this series.

Here is a review of ‘Wasteland 2’ , you can pick it up for $12 at Wal Mart. The game mechanics take getting used to but the storyline and overall atmosphere in the game is fantastic.


Hard to believe a 12$ game would be decent…


Its older but good.
It has a lot of decision based morally questionable stuff and there is consequences for screwing up.

Take for instance you are sent to get back a villages herd of goats ,well I accidently let the goats roam off into a mine field and they kind of died. I went back to the village and tried sweet talking them but it got ugly and they attacked me, eventually they all died and it became a ghost town.


If you get a chance checkout the review.


I’m sure those two things are completely disconnected.


I tried a diplomatic approach , turns out they liked them goats though.


I’ve found sometimes the cheaper games end up being better. The game industry is full of stupid Call of Duty / Battlefield and microtransactions bullshit these days.

I look forward to finding these hidden cheap gems because I refuse to buy 99% of what’s new these days. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’ve not had great luck with the PS4 so far, to much foul language built in, can’t even enjoy the games

So far my favorite is Elite sniper 4, insane graphics, good game play


Most mature rated games use immature foul language, its not just PS4. Ghost Recon Wildlands is good if you like the Sniper series though.


^ This.