watch the video. Does this bother anyone else?

It sure bothers me.

Where are the bullets going? He was firing blind or through the tiny peephole.


OK he was watching them on a camera.
If I’m watching someone trying to kick in my door on camera I’d probably shoot them through the door too.
Not my fault they didn’t know I was on the other side of the door and armed.
While he did empty the magazine and didn’t hit anyone that just shows his poor marksmanship.
I’d I let them through the door then they can see me to aim at me.


I would have done the same, I would not want them on the inside, and yes he could have hit someone innocent which is a possibility in almost every shooting. Too bad he did not kill them.


My take… and I only have the same video.

If he was watching them on camera then what were the extra rounds for? And why did he miss at all? A person at a few feet is really hard to miss when one knows the general direction. I don’t buy the camera theory, unless he’s an asshole who thinks sound is what does the job. I think he’s someone who should never have a firearm without lots of training. I hate to write that but it’s his video and actions that he recorded. It’s not Feluja (sp?) but somewhere in the states. I think the video was recorded remotely but he didn’t have the monitor, so was blind.

Every round has a lawyer attached to it and we just don’t know who was across the hall. That part of the story is missing. He potentially endangered others to protect his butt behind a door that was never going to give because it was designed to never open inwards (look at the jamb on the opposite door). He was in no danger beyond the danger he put the folks across the hall in. Would it have been OK for those folks to open up on him? All he needed to do was retreat and dial 911. It might not have been the macho thing to do but it was the better thing to do IMO. Retreating is a perfectly acceptable thing to do if the circumstances allow it. He was in no danger if he had kept his head and without that immanent danger factor firing is unacceptable.

I’d like to know more after action details and I don’t have them so we can only speculate.


I don’t blame him at all. Just wish he hit them. The door could have changed the bullet path and it doesn’t look like it even put a hole in the other wall. Of course he may not have known that until after so there’s that concern. My across the street neighbor works on cars in his yard so my aim would have to be better so as not to risk hitting my neighbor.


As we all know the responsibilities and weight of having to take a life are huge. But I see both sides . I wouldnt want to endanger an innocent . The door across the hallway was my concern. But I also wouldnt want them inside either. How do we know no bullets found their mark? Did it say I didnt catch it if it did.


If he had hit and killed one of the assailants he probably would have lost his shirt in court due to the design of the door yes I agree with you @BrianK .
But to the opposite argument fear and fear of bodily injury were the motivation for his firing as I think we would all be prone to as well so I see what your saying too @shooterrex . Everyone wants to be a cowboy. But his approach should be to seek training that I also agree on @BrianK


Brian the doors open inward. Watch the video again and stop it and enlarge.
There are no hinges visible on the door across the hall. I am not letting an armed individual through my door if I know he is outside trying to get in. I have cameras I that let me see outside my door and yard.
The nice thing about this place is that people can see things differently and still get along.


That’s precisely why I posted the link. Different takes from different eyes.


I’m glad my desert neighborhood has concrete block exterior house walls. I feel safe enough to go to my suppressed AR, without worrying about overpenetration. I’d destroy the block with 5.56, but it wouldn’t go through.

It’s hard to say which gun is best when your walls only provide concealment and zero cover. But a gun is much more effective than a blade or your fists.

On one hand, I could wait inside in concealment for the robbers to break the door before I shoot. On the other hand, I also know that the majority of home invasions have more than one invader. Waiting for them to destroy my barrier would put me and my family in more danger.

Forget it. I’m shooting through the door like this guy. Maybe I’ll try for an angle up or down or into a known brick wall backstop. But they will meet a shower of lead.


Crazy thing is, that describes everyplace if we choose for it to be so , after all, its all just electrical signals interpreted by your brain

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I enlarged the pic on my phone but can’t tell if I see holes or damaged stucco that stopped the bullets.


I was hoping that they were poured concrete walls. But I couldn’t tell either.


To my nonpro eye it looks like stucco.


That would account for the chipping I saw. Would I be correct in thinking it would be slightly more (by a hair) bullet resistant than drywall? We don’t see stucco in Maine, or at least I don’t, hence the questions.


The video shows us where those rounds all went. They can be seen impacting within an approx. 12" circle just to the right of his neighbor’s door. It looks almost as if he was trying to miss the perps. Unless that’s a concrete wall, he’ll be replacing some things for his neighbor. Hopefully, nobody in that apartment was in the line of fire. One of the first things anyone who has decided to keep a firearm for home defense should do, is to determine the likely lines of fire and what is beyond them. This allows more informed decisions about choice of firearm, ammunition, and tactics. In this guy’s place, I would drop the $500 for a Black Aces bullpup shotgun, and load it with Federal’s frangible buckshot.


An interesting question, and it seems to be one that people have asked contractors.

Short answer: It does better than exterior walls built with vinyl siding or cedar siding.