We are the Liberty Generation

I think that all the people who voted for George Bush, and campaign for it, all the people who fought against Obama and his creepy fascism all those eight years, and all the people who are conservatives with Trump and make America great again today, and all the Libertarians and crypto people and all of us together, I think that we are specific generation of history, United in one spirit under God. And I think that our name as a generation is The Liberty Generation. Because we are fighting a spiritual war (and a literal culture war) for spiritual personal and political and cultural liberty like never before for the West and primarily for America.

I think we need to pray every day for the people and issues involved right now. And for ourselves and not forget our families.


The scumbag demonrats own hollyweird, most “news” and social media outlets.
More than 1/2 of the USA voted for the stroked out pig with more tit feeding garbage born and let in hourly.
Morons are easily brainwashed. The demoncrap plantations are deadly shitholes- morons don’t care and keep voting for free shit and avoiding any semblance of responsibility.

Like dominoes - the states fall one by one.


Unfortunately you are quite correct.


I think we need to make schools great again. I think the big reason there’s so many generations of young indoctrinated dummies out there, voting for Demoncrat governmnent, It’s because schools have been in the claw of government so long and they’re not allowed to talk about Jesus, can’t read the Bible, teachers can’t use their own books, kids get taught liberal dogma. I think we need to either give teachers independence to choose their own books including a Bible in their classroom , or else fix the anti-faith laws in the schools allowing faith in classrooms. Then sincere people can just get into the teaching peofession and have the power to teach kids what’s right.


Teachers are unionized. Their leaders are demoncrap shills. Nothing changing there.
Like NJ teachers being ALL FOR illegal criminals, the squats fill our $schools and make more teachers and $$$$$ needed for the illegal spawn. “Gentleman, we must save our phony baloney jobs” Exactly.
We do need alternatives to the libturd drivel pounded into young minds daily by unionized teachers.
I’d be home schooling now a days.

Here’s a dirty little secret.
PD FD EMS chiefs + School administrators are all for illegal criminals.
The illegals run up the call numbers and seats filled. - justifies the budget increase requests.
Just like a mechanic needs broken cars to stay in business.


Don’t worry, thats already scheduled