We as a community

I have said this before and will again

We have to start referring to a mass shooting for what it is - A MASS KILLING or A MASS MURDER. When we use or allow to be used shooting to equate to killing or murder we are allowing the tool to be demonized and not the tool User.
When a vehicle careens through a crowd of people you never hear it called mass vehicle assault, but an attack where the driver used a vehicle you seldom envision death but injury.
When someone uses a knife to attack a group you never hear the term mass knifing but just knifing and you initially do not envision death but just injury.
When someone uses fire to kill, it is always referred to as arson resulting in death and murder.
I go shooting, my family goes shooting, hell even Robert goes shooting and it appears even the Brits go shooting.
If we all got together on a range - that is a mass shooting and we need to first start referring to what has happened to what it was - when a group is killed regardless of the tool or action used, it is killing (the final action) and murder.