We Did a Double Action Revolver Video!....?

Come join us as we take a look at a double action wheel gun! Wanna see Bryan shoot a decent firearm poorly? Then this is the video for you! Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

I was going to share the link from the Full30 channel here. But, I’m gonna be completely honest, we do a lot of work and have spent a lot of money to be able to shoot and edit in HD. So, here’s the link to the YouTube channel where you can watch us in something that isn’t 480 potato quality.


Hell yeah, and dangerously too!

I’d like to point out a few things

  1. Youtube’s default is 360 and its pretty unlikely many/most ever seek to change that
  2. Some, like myself, don’t have a decent enough ISP to even warrant HD
  3. Anyones says to themselves they want to see you guys any clearer :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Real cute. Funny thing, my screen says 1080p HD right in the bottom corner and doesn’t look like dog ass over there. Obviously, asking the dev guys for actual quality video from a fucking video platform has been entirely too much for Full30 to handle. Guess it’ll be nothing but YouTube links from now on. Thanks for making up my mind on the matter.


I mean, the videos are “lame” enough without crap quality.


Coal in the stocking yesterday Mr grumps? :pleading_face: