We don't want your guns, well, not all of them


If there’s one thing the anti-gun liberal wing nuts are good at, it’s not thinking things through. And this is no exception.


They can have my guns when I run out of bullets! Till then, the leftist pieces of shit can FUCK OFF! Just come & try to take 'em!!


They sure do have problems thinking things through, well, thinking in general.


What makes them think that, after they take my piss-ant 30 caliber gun, that i won’t build a cannon that fires cinder blocks?



I got the video to play for a little bit, then something happened (not sure what), and now, I can’t get it to play at all. I have tried several times now to play it and no luck.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.


Not sure what to tell you. I just clicked the link and it worked. Perhaps there was a problem at the server end. Does it work now?



Thanks. I just tried it again and this time, I was able to listen to the entire video.

Though I don’t agree with the exact numbers, your logic is pretty sound. I especially like the idea of including the ammo in the buyback, assuming it is for guns that are only offered in semi-automatic guns (not sure what ammo that would be, but for those that are, I agree with the idea).

Regarding where the government will get the money - well they did all this QE1, QE2, and QE3 - running up a $10 trillion bill, so coming up with the money would not be impossible (just more added to the national debt, of course).

Then, of course, some number of years later, we would all see (including some of the liberals in power), how all that money spent did little to no good, maybe even (probably even), made things worse. What happens then? Perhaps the government would change the laws again and let everyone have semi-automatic guns again. Geez! What a waste of time and money!

Perhaps, we gun loving thinkers could come up with an alternative before the gun “buybacks” are implemented that would save us all the trouble and actually do some good?




Some truth to the image and words. But one thing I have learned from watching boxing and MMA, even the most highly trained old guys eventually lose out to the much younger ones.

When you are talking about speed, agility, method, etc. - it may not be enough when the time comes to do battle with the younger assailant. Food for thought. That is why I always have backups.


The difference there is the old guy has lived his life and has little to lose.


Judging by these school shootings the younger generation dosnt appear to care either.


Judging by these school shootings the younger generation dosnt appear to care either.

Zero tolerance is a double edged sword. My wife had a good point the other day- these kids are denied the opportunity to settle disputes by fighting. They’ll go straight to jail. I don’t want to see anyone fight but if that’s what it takes to get your frustrations out then dang… accept human nature for once. Maybe a gun won’t be chosen.



Yes, that might change the outcome, but it might not.


I’m talking about real life scenarios, not competition. In an all balls out gun fight, SHTF scenario the old, experienced guys will get things done. There is a reason PMC personnel are usually between 35 and 65-ish years of age. Same thing with SF units, they’re older, seasoned guys. No young kids there either. Skill and experience comes with age. I’ll bring along old, hacked off, experienced farts any day of the week and twice on Sundays. An old, cranky soldier is a dangerous soldier. The youngsters haven’t lived long enough yet to be cranky.



When it comes to a gunfight, I would agree with you up to really senior citizens (say, in their 80’s). If there is additional fist fighting, the outcome is not so certain.

Don’t get me wrong, please - I am an old fart who (also) likes to think I could survive a gunfight with anyone of any age, as long as I am as well armed as he/they are. No, I am not an expert shot, but I would not be afraid to shoot if the situation (clearly) calls for it. Some people might hesitate when I would not - which could be how I would win. Also, superior knowledge of the effectiveness of various types of rounds and calibers, as well as best places to aim to incapacitate.


From one old fart to another, we’ll have the upper hand in each and every situation. Also physically. We’ve been working out in the gym our entire lives so we have built up way more muscle memory and strength. All the youngsters can do is probably outrun us but I’ve never seen anybody outrun a bullet.



Well, you certainly have a positive outlook on things. I hope you are right.

Part of winning a battle is preparing for it in advance, and being well prepared, at that. So, if you go thru various scenarios in mock fashion preparing, you will be more likely to win. I would bet quite a few of us here do just that upon occasion.


I’m old, and I fart a lot. But I also have experience. May skills are crazy, and so am I



Thanks for the humor.

So what crazy skills do you have?


I had the same discussion recently. These school shooters all seem to have been bullied until they crack. In my Jr High / HS years I got in only a few fights from guys who tried to “bully” me. Won some & lost some. But what didn’t happen even after a lost fight is he didn’t bother doing it again and moved on to someone who wouldn’t fight back. Even became friends with one former bully.
My dad always told me not to start a fight but don’t run from it either. That’s not what kids are told or allowed to do today.
Just my .02