We need 704 Tactical here


I, like many I suppose, am trying to make an effort to switch from YouTube to Full30. One of my favorite channels, 704 Tactical, is essential for any platform that I am going to use on a regular basis. His channel has awesome content and would be an excellent addition to this site.

How about an invite for 704 Tactical?


I really enjoyed his content as well, but i will say, he has reviewed many cheap products, and I’ve never heard him list a con to any of them. I take everything he says with a grain of salt. I do agree with the idea of adding more quality content to this site however. :stuck_out_tongue:


I understand your concerns. The other day, I watched one of his videos where he pointed out inexpensive things he would not recommend because of poor quality. In that video, IIRC, he noted that he didn’t post videos of their failures because he can’t recommend them. My take was that he tends to primarily post videos of what works and not waste people’s time with videos of what doesn’t.

Myself and family members rely heavily on his videos and enjoy his content. Unfortunately, any platform that doesn’t have his videos probably won’t have me as a user for long because we are looking for something to replace YouTube.


That makes sense. I did what began as a budget build and rapidly became a not budget build. I watched tons of his videos in the beginning trying to get ideas though. He gave me a few good ones to be honest. The only regret i have with my build is the forward grip. Ive been through three and none of them have been comfortable. YouTube has really irritated me pately with their new policies. Tactical Toolbox makes a valid argument however. In terms of foot traffic for video sharing…youtube is king. If all gun tubers just abandon the service, how are we going to get real information to anti-gunners and apathetic individuals?


I’ll second that. 704 Tactical has been one of my faves for a long time. No heavy politics, just reviews of products. He presents them clearly and concisely, no hemming and hawing, no wasted time. In case his gun channel is removed by the YT bugs, he set up a backup channel, 704 Gear, where he reviews non-gun stuff. We need him over here.