We need a good safe space, AKA, gun community


The Internet is not a safe place for gun owners. Nearly all social media platforms ban us, delete us, shadow ban us, or just outright restrict us. We need to make this the go to safe space for gun owners. In this regard, I have sent out invites and will keep doing so. I ask each person to do the same. Invite 10 people, ask them to do the same. This place will grow fast, we have the numbers.


Ok will do ,but I claim no resonsibility for anything stupid they do or say on here.


Personal responsibility, it’s something gun owners are famous for.


I’m game. As long as we change the title from “safe space” to community.


Fixed it, Is that better?


Should do. :slight_smile: I don’t want us to be painted as snowflakes.


I am the melter of snowflakes, or so I’m told on Twitter.


Exactly the main reason I don’t do social media. It’s partially responsible for the degradation of society.


don’t worry you have positioned the bar pretty high.


Fact. We already knew. Truth smack for the looney left


I try


There honestly isn’t any safe place on the net for people like us


What is meant by “safe space”? What’s unsafe about all the large gun boards?