We need a slogan!


Looking for your ideas for a Full30 slogan. This would be to put around logos on Full30 promo items, e.g. hats, shirts, sweatshirts, patches, etc.

I’m going to work on digitizing embroidery designs for this, which I’ll donate to the cause. That’ll save the design cost for any embroidered items.

Unless this is already done??? Don’t want to recreate the wheel.


I’d like to see it be fluid, the ability to change, successful marketing is the ability to put a green logo that says “Full30 were ready” on a black flak jacket or a red logo thats says “Full30 no sugar added” on a grenade shaped coffee mug.

In other words whatever anyone comes up with should be usable in one area or another

my opinion :crazy_face:


From @full30nick’s reply, it looks like I’m way behind. Don’t want to recreate the wheel here.


I believe we are going with “Let Freedom Ring” as seen in the shirt designs. Unofficially for now, but I think thats what we decided on.


Do you already have an embroidery design?


Yes, we did a few hats as a test and they came out pretty well! We also experimented with laser etching small leather patches and those really look great.


Okay, good. Then this is unnecessary.


Member involvement is never unnecessary, might take a run or two but your ideas are good and your participation even better :+1:


Appreciated though!





I think full30 needs a legit propoganda game.
Maybe something along the lines of little disney like gun characters crying and a full30 superhero coming in to rescue them. Label the prison “ATF” and the villain could be an evil cross dressing rue paul looking youtube creature.