We wanna see what you've got!


One of the many things we do at Dark Corner Gunworks is customization. Whether it’s a ground up gun build or parts swapping or just cerakoting. Everybody is proud of their guns (how else do you explain those hi-point guys?) and we are in the business of increasing that pride. So, with that in mind, and in the spirit of community, this thread is here to show us what custom guns you’ve got. Whether it’s a paint job or a full tune up, we wanna see it. The only rule, and that is two rules:

  1. Be cool

I won’t post customer’s guns here. If it isn’t YOUR property, it doesn’t count. And, please, save us the internet pics. We’ve all got Google. With that one ground rule established, whip 'em out! Let’s see what you’ve got! I’ll even start us off.


5.56 NATO with a lumashark handguard, DigiTrigger lower receiver and a MagStock



What brake is that? It’s gnarly!


A bit of my artistic engraving on my WASR:


That came in from T-Rex small arms, it’s a flash hider called the Omega. https://t-rexsmallarms.com/products/the-omega-flash-hider


@Comanchero45 Who did your wood burning? That never occured to me. Very cool!


I did it myself…actually carved it, blackened the engraved areas and restained it…and thanks!


Ooh… Too rich for my blood. But, I’m cheap when it comes to brakes (I actually prefer the utility of the A2 brake. So, i generally go with the YH crenelated version of it on my personal guns). That one is definitely bad-ass, tho. Very, very awesome. Might have to talk myself into one of those.


Kick Ass, man! I dig it!


Thanks much brother! It was alot of work…but came out pretty good…just have to do the stock now :wink:


Well, keep us posted! Definately wanna see the finished product!


I did this one a while back.


Recently finished what we’re calling the “Dark Corner Arachnid.” Also, for my personal collection. Took a local PD trade in P226, cleaned the filth out of it, cerakoted the barrel, slide, and frame (dry sprayed slide and barrel for a rough texture). Then, I threw in a lighter mainspring, new night sights, and a short reset trigger. Finished her off with some G10 punisher grips from coolhands grips.

And took the pics on Rudolph wrapping paper just to piss off the hippies. Lmao


Damn! That’s a lot of colors! Can’t believe I’ve never seen that handguard. People would be bugging the hell outta me for those. That’s freaking sweet, man!


Nothing better than pissing off (or on) the hippies!


Kinda wish I could “like” this post twice. Lol


Wow, you all have some very impressive firearms! I had to look a few of those over a few times :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a lot of stuff around here, but nothing too custom. Since you mentioned the Hi-Point though, I thought I’d show it off lol.

Most of the cool stuff is internal where I machined a small roller to smooth out the clunky ‘slide/trip’ trigger linkage. Now it’s as smooth and crisp as anything else modern I shoot :slight_smile:


My heavily modified DDM4V11 and it’s sibling, a SAM7SF. I’ve replaced the safety, bolt catch, mag release, and charging handle on the DD, but so far there hasn’t been much for me to swap out on the SAM.


Man, you put in the work on that thing. And the hi-point stab was actually directed towards their handguns, for the record. Lol


Very not bad, Marine. No reason those won’t get the job done. :+1::+1: