We wanna see what you've got!


Lol. Don’t do that.

Maybe I was too harsh on them. Steve Jobs would have to show up with a pumpkin spice latte to get @TacticalUnicorn1776 away from me and, if he had avocados, @TacticoolSasquatch1776 would dump me. Lol… it’s funny because it’s true :sob:


I love you WAY more than avocados and Steve Jobs! :green_heart:


Y’all need to keep your unicorn role playing outfits secret…:joy:


Pretty sure @TacticalUnicorn1776 :unicorn: has no secrets…from anyone…anywhere. It’s actually scary to know him. Seriously, not one to put on speakerphone or have bluetoothed through the radio at a drive thru. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a unicorn because he’s so far in the closet…he’s in Narnia.



That’s hot. Now, you’re just trying to turn me on. :unicorn::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


Well, here it is. Dark Corner Gunworks’ “Maximum Effort.” From meager beginnings as a police trade in, Gen 4, Glock 22 to an over-the-top, distressed, Deadpool-inspired masterpiece (Yeah. We know he carried Desert Eagles. But, we aren’t made of money). While we had it apart, we slipped in a 3.5lbs trigger kit and she showed up topped with Glock factory night sights. After spending the day with this thing, I’m convinced “Papa, Can You Hear Me” and “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” are, in fact, the same song. Disclaimer: no chimichangas were harmed during the refinishing of this pistol.

Custom guns...

That’s way cool! I have never sprayed a bot before… :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just have a Polish :poland: AK. It has a shoulder thing that goes up, and stuff that goes on it.


The gun was pristine. DIdn’t look carried or fired. The box, well, it looked like it had seen better days. Duct tape and scuffs and the foam was falling out. So, I figured, “Why not dress it up a little, too.” Lol. Fun fact: Curing the cerakote on the box softened the glue strips for the foam. So, while it was still warm, I stuck the foam back in. Hasn’t moved since. Two birds… meet one stone. I really wasn’t sure I liked how it turned out. But, it’s grown on me over the past few days. Think I’m gonna do a video of it. Just showing it off and shooting it. If YouTube doesn’t send people to my house with hammers to break my fingers for posting a gun video there. Lol