Weapon mounted lights, how do you use them?


Something I would like to bring up for discussion. Weapon lights.
For nearly 2 decades I have used one on my daily carry. I leave for work in the dark (used to a lot) and come home in the dark.
But I really started using them because of needing one at night, in my home.
I know my home. I know how to walk through my house in complete darkness. I do not need a light for navigation. I need one for blinding a possible threat.
My sons had a bit of a scare last night. While they were watching TV… someone tried to break into the house through the front door. Very bad idea if you knew my two sons. Not guys to fuck with. But they didn’t have weapon lights… not like their old man… now nothing happened, the perp ran away. But! They could have had a much better advantage if they had a weapon light ON their weapon to begin with.
I personally have a weapon light on every weapon I carry on a regular basis. Usually a Surefire or Inforce. Rifles, shotguns, pistols.
I also carry with me just personal lights. Again, usually the same brands.



Has Inforce worked out some of their kinks? I’m a surefire guy (M600IB on my AR, M300c on my AK, X300 on my carry gun) but I wouldn’t mind picking up an inforce for a bit cheaper for another carry gun. I went hiking last summer and was missing my light when the sun went down in the woods. Not a pleasant experience.


For a handgun, I really like the Olights. Very small, light, and bright.

Not a big fan of lights, but for my AR, I have a LumaShark from Hardened arms.


I have a Inforce that will turn off on my machine gun… I run Surefire mainly. Tough, small, bright. I am going into the 1200 lumen range now with them. They are spendy though.
I have hand held units that I have had for 30 years I think… they just keep working. I use them a lot too. I usually go through 20 batteries a year.


This is my daily carry rifle. It is a 14.5 inch barrel with an AAC Mini-4 suppressor. I am using the new Surefire M600DF 1500 lumens weapon light. With it mounted underneath, the suppressor casts a shadow. This is great when I am trying to see the red dot in the EoTech I run.
The light is insanoflex bright and it will run the 123 batteries or the new rechargeable units.


I’ve got a Streamlight TLR3 on the 23 i carry when I’m not carrying it (because light bearing holsters for concealment are not easy to find). The ink pen I carry in the company shirts has a light on it and i frequently have a Streamlight Stylus in my pocket (Every tried to change a tire or locate something you dropped at night while pointing your carry gun at it like it’s an insurgent? I have). My battle rifle has a Streamlight something on it, as well. Wow…this kinda turned into a Streamlight commercial. Lol


I have sold a few stream lights. While they are getting better and they are sometimes really bright, they leave me something to be desired. Not sure what it is. Maybe they feel Chinese? I do not know. I do like the Inforce… but their pistol lights are not even listed water resistant. I want a depth rating with my lights. Being a diver and fisherman, growing up in Puget Sound, water is everywhere. If it is waterproof, it is dust proof.
I hate spending the money sometimes on Surefire though. Hahhaha at the end of the day though, if they work, they work!
I carry a cheap Chinese pocket LED light… have 3 or 4 flashlights in the SUV, weapon lights on everything just about and have lights when I sleep.


I am a total night owl :owl: everything I own has a torch/night sights and or laser/powered optic .

I go through my fair share of batteries over the course of a year that’s for sure




How do I use them? Identification and not much, my best friend’s dad still cups his cigarette as he smokes it because nam. So the less I use the light the less I can be spotted.


^ This. I regularly run drills in complete darkness to navigate the whole house up and downstairs.

As for my primary home defense choice (green tip for the win) I use this superb light. Plan on putting one on my Canik if I can find a comfortable way to carry it. 800 lumens is no joke, especially in strobe mode. :cowboy_hat_face:


The wife’s home defensive weapon has a 1000 lumen light with no strobe. We are a big believer in having bright ass lights on the home defense weapons.


I have a bunch of 600 and 800 lumens… but the new 1500 lumens is crazy bright. :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Man, 1,500, that’s craziness!


I do not have the balls to have someone shine it at me in the dark…


I inadvertently shined the 800 (NOTE, BEFORE INSTALLATION, THE LIGHT ONLY) in the wife’s direction and it wasn’t pleasant she said. Whoops…


weapon mounted lights, how do you use them?
I push the button and turn them on! :joy:
Sorry… couldn’t resist. I run a crimson trace rail master on my S&W MP 2.0, it has become my go to EDC and night stand gun.


Nor should you. I gotta believe that would be down right painful. Especially in the eyes! :eyes: