Weird Little Shotguns Anyone?


Here is a little folding stock .410 shotgun I picked up years ago. Boy howdy it will beat your shoulder to death, not necessarily because .410 kicks but there just isn’t any weight to it and the stock is so thin. It still gets 1,000 points for cool factor in my book though, so it stays around.


Someone who shall remain nameless (cough @TacticoolSasquatch1776 cough), has plans for me to do a…sigh… “Princess Bride” themed… purple… shotgun… Out of a Mossberg pump gun… F…M…L… What has happened to my life?

Has nothing to do with your cool little .410. But, the title seemed like the place to reveal what she’s making me do. Doesn’t get any weirder than that, I’m pretty sure. Lol


that actually sounds cool


Oh, boy… I’ll never hear the end of that. Thanks. Lol


R.O.U.S. Hunter FTW!!!


Oh I LOVE weird…

Let the weird flow…


Some say it’s weird, but I like my shockwave! Probably the funniest guns I’ve got to shoot. My 15 year old little girl shot a box of target loads the first time we took it out. Ran a few cases out of it so far in less than year. Technique is key to handling the little 12 gauge.


I knew this was coming. Lol


This thing looks like the illegitimate offspring of a gangbang between your leftover cerakote and your leftover stencils. And, once again, I’m jealous. Lol. Epic, as always.


Actually, I am doing another one too… this was inspired because some town outlawed the Anarchy flag… last time I checked, this was America… freedom! Hahhahha