weird oil change.

Ok let me preface this by saying like most of the guys here, i have done dozens of oil changes.
I work on and have restored classic cars.
I also worked as a parts counter monkey for 2 years.
YEsterday i did an oil change on my wife’s new to her car. She went to the local pit monkey and got their 5 min special. The oil filter had this on it. I have never heard or seen this in my life. This little angled-on-each-side gasket was supposed to go between the hole in the center of the filter and the end of the housing for the filter intake end.



What kind of car is it from? Something similar was on my wife’s old Buick 20 years ago when I changed the filter on hers. I managed to accidentally break it, too.


09 rogue.
What bothers me is the gasket has lost enough material to get me pissed.
At first i though the in n out had a filter that was doable with this set up, but the #s cross match and i put my $300 calipers on it and it is the same.
No lower “dish” in the filter to made up for it either.
So that can’t be it.
Maybe he has a bad mechanic uncle? :crazy_face:


Very strange. Aliens? (as in the UFO type)


$19.95 oil change places suck.
S****y oil and filters.
Minimum wage morons too.


Yes they do, i’d never use them clowns. but again i have never paid anyone to change mine. i have done it on bikes and cars and trucks since i have owned them.


I paid 900 for a new oil pan in the Mrs car as the previous owner used a Jiffy type service, stripped the threads, its a Honda and a new oil pan means new water pump, timing belt and of course the rest they find needed, brakes etc , was about 3k by the end of the visit,

Sure they could have found more but I insisted they stop looking when they began telling stories about what other people cars needed