Welcome to Gizzard Gary! (new channel)


need to select a channel thumbnail @GizzardGary


more of @luke_admin 's handywork!






Congrats @GizzardGary


Welcome! But honestly @Robert, I personally feel weird talking about your imaginary friend Luke. I just feel like we are enabling a serious condition.





Found this pic of @Luke-admin. Pretty sure @Robert has his hand up Luke’s Butthole


Wooo hooo. Just gave him a subscribe.

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Its not like that…

we use green screens


@GizzardGary, congratulations on the channel! Keep those videos coming!


You recognize that both those puppet memes involved orange puppets. Somebody is racist towards gingers…bigoted MFers



Its all fun and games untail you see a mob of pissed off gingers with guns acting like IRA


You mean like a mob of these?
Yeah… not sparking a lot of fear.


That looks like a real personal photo.

All because thats your favorite ginger ,does not mean its every ginger.

We are usually burly chested, fire breathing cannibals that hide in the hills.


Where did you find a photo of @jf89 ?


In your moms purse


After he had his fun.


I’ll pass out troll badges to you all once my eyes have stopped bleeding