Welcome to MosinVirus section



I am glad to finally have a dedicated section where viewers and forum members can post questions, participate in discussions and contact me in general.

So, welcome all.


glad to have you around and to be a part of the adventure.


Thank you, hopefully viewers from both Full30 and YouTube will come here to chat with me.


Thats the idea, all of our great producers deserve a dedicated fan club and I’ll certainly be a part of yours :sunglasses:


I have been watching your videos for a long time and you puke comments aren’t always what I’d like to do
I’m happy that you are here and are accessible for questions and willing to help
I’m honored to call you friend


Welcome aboard.


Thank you all. I posted the link to this section on Facebook, so hopefully followers from it will land here to chat.


Hey Mosi this is Albert one of your you-tuber followers I will look forward to see what you bring here.


Hi Albert,

Glad to have you here. I also cant wait to start making more content.