Well, dang.guess they found me




Well, it would be nice if Full30 would approve my channel. I was afraid this would happen before I get approved here, and it happened. Come on @TomFull30 I need my channel here.


Honestly if that were me I’d send communication straight to the top expressing your displeasure and end it with a good ole fuck you and the horse you came in on you socialist liberal bastards. :cowboy_hat_face:


I can’t even figure out who to send an Email to. I did an appeal and just got a reply saying it will remain suspended.


You still have all your videos archived?




Perfect. Then fuck youtube. If you’re a social media guy then spread the word to the people who follow you about the sites you are on (will Full30 pending) and never look back.


Me, social media?

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Sucks that you’ll possibly lose some income but I’d wear getting banned from that place ( I’ll not use they’re name anymore) as a badge of honor.



That sucks. I got hit by YouTube about a month or two ago as well.


Youtube is getting pretty bad, didnt one of their employees even shoot up their HQ a couple months ago?


Youtube is deleting channels all willy nilly. When I did an appeal I got an auto reply saying sorry Charley, now go pound sand. I have thousands invested in my studio, and they just took away my channel. I predict it won’t be long and there will be a class action law suit filed. And I will join that in a heart beat. Because of their actions and constant attacks against my channel for the past 9 months, I no longer post links to any YT video. I will not help draw traffic to them.


That’s a really good idea.

Oh and I just finally registered to UGE Tube. Need to support the good guys.


Thanks, follow us there.