Well, I guess it's official, I've been labeled


That’s right, it was bound to happen soon or later.


labeled? What, the T shirt?

Nice collection of rifles.


NICE…are they speaking of you or the wall cool stuff behind you??:grinning:


Its the beard, you mix it with the guns and they think your Al-Qaeda. Ive got a ginger beard so its not as bad.


Is this a better likeness?


That ginger gives my people a bad name, he also does not have a beard. Thats his moms pubes stuck to his chin.


Last time i seen him in Vegas, was to a sold-out show, dude is funny!


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a healthy rivalry, keep it civil boys!


Whatever to each his own I thought the guy was funny as hell!


Nope sorry, I’m in the bathroom crying you hurt my feelings!


No hug!, im saving the cuddles for your mom.


I’m going over to the Full30 Tavern where my real friends are at, you guys suck!




You have outdone yourself! This is (sad, but…) hilarious.


I met Carrot Top years ago on one of my many trips to Las Vegas. We were both waiting on a bus in downtown Las Vegas, so we had a short chat. Seemed like a decent guy (at least, then). Don’t know about now.


@JohnB, they do not like Carrot Top something about the wrong color hair, and wears makeup.



Well, I saw his show a couple of times and met and talked with him, so I don’t care what their opinion is of him.

Carrot Top is a very different person from me, but still seemed okay in person. If you just judge him on his looks, yeah, I could see where you might get turned off (too wild looking for my tastes). But, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt - let them show and tell me what kind of person they really are.

If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you would know and understand that so much of it is over the top outrageous, big, outlandish, trying to wow and amaze you. Carrot Top just follows that theme in his own way.


@JohnB, I saw Carrot Tops show with my wife and we both enjoyed it we laughed our butts off.


The word Carrot top is racist towards to my kind.



How is the word Carrot top racist toward your kind?

And what is your kind?


FYI: The hair on his head is orange, like a carrot, thus the name. No offense meant to anyone.