Well, I'll never do that again as long as I live!

One reason I’ll never leave my home in the event of a social upheaval is because I live at my BOS. 22 years ago we had an ice storm that deposited 4" of ice, without exaggeration, on all surfaces. The place was quite literally a disaster area. We were w/o power for over 5 days and I decided that we were never going through that again. So I designed and built a solar photovoltaic electrical system with battery back up and an 8k gen back up for that.

22 years after the storm brings it to today and I decided it was time to change the batteries. They weigh 500# per and there are 2 of them. 22 years ago I had a friend with a backhoe put them into the room and I was able to slide and lift them into place. That wasn’t the case today when the old batteries had to come out and the new ones put into the battery box. I hired movers (very reasonable) and my neighbor came over with his tractor with forks on it. They should have a 20+ year life as well and I will simply never have the lifespan that the batteries have. So I’ll never do that again for as long as I live. :grin:

Before the PV system my idea was to revert to pre-REA (Rural Electrification Act) days and use kerosene. Back then we had plenty of power outages and we had no problems when they were <1 day long. It worked for the 5 day outage too but burning a hydrocarbon in a tight home for an extended period of time isn’t the best idea. We had condensation running down the walls. I retain the kerosene items just in case though. Kero’ burning “appliances” are about as low tech as one can get and they do work.


pictures of these 500# batteries please :thinking:


batteries for some of the electric forklifts go over a ton…need mechanical lifting power for those, home stuff gets pretty heavy also especially if you have a big system.


They are in the battery box and the front is screwed back in place as it should be. There is no way I’m unscrewing maybe 30 screws and removing the plywood panel again. It’s yet another item that I will never do again in my lifetime :laughing: . I can give a pic’ of the tops. The forklift connection will be clearly visible. I can give a pic of the removed steel tops too.

Here’s a link to what they look like. I didn’t need the steel top so I unscrewed and removed them. They’re pretty big batteries. Too big and heavy for me to move at my age. If they started to go over there would be no way I’d be able to stop them and they’re too expensive and loaded with sulfuric acid for me to play games with.

I needed 2 because my system is 24v. Maybe there’s a page with specs? (I didn’t look) Mine are 500+a/h. If there is (spec’ page) I can give their dimensions. You can check the weight yourself. I was told they were over 1k lbs for the 2. Same approx weight as the old ones, same general capacity too.