Well its time for the YUGO M72 to shine here

Well if yawl have been following me in my other post, yawl got to tag along in the build of the m72. Want to see if i can pull of what meridian defense did with there line up. so after working my hands to death on building it up, working with a 1.5 millimeter thick receiver is a labor by itself. it came out of the dark and into the light.

So I prepared a nice photo shoot of it for your viewing pleasures.

Above is the muzzle break that I’ll be using from meridian defense, should work nicely on taming the recoil.

A little be a side action for yall and the overall unfinished look.

I personally think the 75 round drum goes well with it. It adds a bit of weight but man is it worth it.


everything came out pretty good in my opinion. There will be a little more work under the hood but a paint job is in due order for this one.

Recreator did a great job with the receiver, but they left a lot of work for me tho. It was a killer but it got done.

If you like it give thst cheers and let me know what you think.


I think it looks great. I’m messing around with my AK’s and vz.58’s now. Giving the 22 LR a break.


I’ll have to say that’s going to be a expensive but rewarding build :raised_hands:


I think you should give it to me. :grin:


Well that won’t be for a long time. Plan on getting a modified PKM stock and set with the yugo cuts. After that they will painted in black maple :sunglasses: by that time the matt black paint job should be done to complement it :wink: @MAC82