Well these look fun


Anybody ever played with these Heavy Hitter slugs?

Look like great for home defense.

LE: "Okay sir… Where’s the perp?

Homeowner: He’s in the kitchen… and the dining room, living room and on the ceiling in the hall.


And these?


Can I get one in 20ga? :cowboy_hat_face:


So long as your not in FL maybe, these are part of our restrictions…



Come out west with us!


Well thank you Sir for the invite,

we plan to/ hope to move but are really attached to trees and water :wink:


ID and MT has those things.


Yet another reason to migrate.


Gotta wait until the kid is 2~3 before we go. But we ARE going. My company has a location shockingly enough in the same area in ID we are interested in so I can transfer easy since I already work remote at home.


MT is te next Oregon which is the next Washington which is the next California lol…Idaho for the win.


When did they switch positions?



Oregon is more Conservative than Washington but slightly less than Montana. Idaho is pretty red , 70% of the spud state voted for the Orange man.


Oops. My bad. I was reading an invisible ‘to’.
MT is next (to) Oregon.
Thought it was a geography test.


Almost is, kind of weird how that works.