Went Dove hunting for the first time today.

The company I work for let the mining department head plant a field for Dove hunting and organize a company Dove hunt. I used to be pretty good a bustin clays so I decided to give it a shot. Man it was fun but much harder to hit birds than clay pigeons. I only got 5 but had a ton of fun. Lots of action. If I was a better feather hunter I could have shot my limit in an hour. Most all the serious feather shooters shot their limit. There wasn’t a bad spot on the field.


Satan inc?

Thats it Tonto no coming back from the killing of Doves


I gonna eat them i already got them cleaned.


Dove hunting was invented by shot shell manufacturers!


Breast them out, wrap in a slice of bacon and marinade in Italian dressing and then throw them on the grill. Yummmmmm


Yeah i shot about 60 shells, but i had hit ratio than 1 in 10 so i fell into their trap


I’m about 2 birds a box, so 1 in 12.5?
Man, those buggers know how to fly.


Looks like I’m in good company then.


Funny story from my younger days of drinking and whoring around.
My Bud and I got bear tags. The night before we went to a big party and got drunk, and did what young men do after the party.

By the time we got to the high altitude where the smokey hangs out, we both passed out form lack of air to our pickled brains.

We decided to throw tomatoes up in the air and 12 gauge them.
That got real boring fast. Barry says, hey look doves! Where?
Look in the tree line, about 3-4 of them. Dude thats like 600 yards. So he whips out his 7mm mag.
After the first one went puff, we where laughing so hard we could not shoot any more. We did not they were a protected bird and had a season. Went into town and found a bar.