Went to a match today

I was excited to go shoot a match today everything seemed good at first. Then it became clear quickly that this eas a outlaw match. Now I’ve shot some outlaw matches before that were fun. I don’t want to bash this club but the match was one stage and it wasn’t fun. It was not clear if their were any front runners cuz the winner was gonna be who made the least procedural mistakes. Fast and accurate was less important because of the massive difficulty to follow the stage rules. Note to stage planners you need a balance between procedure and speed and accuracy for a fun stage. The people i met today were friendly and fun, just not the match.


How was attendance given ammo prices in your opinion?


Around 15 I’ve never shot there so I’m not sure if that’s good or not


This is where many USPSA guys have issues switching to IDPA.


I get that. I’ve shot done IDPA exhibition stages before and all were fun. This was brutal. Think shooting a weighted Texas star while moving. Each hesitation in walking is a procedural. I am fine with procedural for reloading in the open and engaging in the open and engaging closet targets first. But shooting a spinning target while moving. Not fun.


IDPA can be pretty bad at this stuff at times in terms of rules and penalties. It dosnt help that many clubs alter the official rules to more of an outlaw match but still try to remain dogmatic about keeping it “by the book”.


I’ve never shot a full IDPA match so I’ve not been stuck in procedural hell. I’m thinking of trying one of though. A non outlaw IDPA match that is.


I want to try IDPA 3 gun, its 3 gun with a very KISS approach. The shotgun part is rather “meh” looking but overall I like the looks of the approach


I went through a couple videos the other day, there was one were I got a PE before I had even drawn, a second on reload

I did finally loose this title