Went to visit my dad in the ICU

My dad is in the hospital ICU for his heart. He’s not doing well, heart is at 23% Anyways, I went to visit him last night with my wife and son. This morning a friend of mine sent me these pictures. He works at the hospital.

So I’ve been using the same cane for some 5 years, and this isn’t the first time I’ve been to this hospital. I don’t go to this one other than to visit my dad when he’s having trouble. What I find funny is I walked right past two security guards as I was leaving, and one when we came in. One was in the hallway and we walked past each other. The other was standing at his desk at the exit as I was leaving. Non said a word to me and did little more than look and nod back to me as I walked past. Guess someone got butt hurt.


They are beefing up the securities at the hospitals now making days, from what I understand at my hospital they stopped 12 guns and bunch of knives…lol I do like your cane though @Tactical_Reviews, what the plan with your dad? His EF seems low but I have seen slot of people sustain that percentage. Are the doctors willing to operate?


He’s on meds right now to try to remove the fluids around his heart. But if that doesn’t work, he’s said hospice.


@Tactical_Reviews I’m sorry to hear bud, hospice is a great service. Hopefully all workout with your dad but I’ll keep him in my thoughts !!


I’m sorry about your father, I hope the fluids can be reduced.


A dark spot on the path, hope it will brighten soon.



Hope the meds work and he gets better. Best of luck to your father and your family.


@Tactical_Reviews, I’m thinking about you all. Keep us updated.


So far, my dad is doing better and out of the ICU.

As for my little visit I got, sounds like the hospital is rather upset with this video and my blog. They’re trying to find my source of the pictures and letter. Harassing one of my friends who works there. If they push the issue, I’ll take legal action as well as news and social media. Entering my dads ICU room without permission and confronting me in such a way, yes, he was polite, but that doesn’t matter, he had no reason to do that and take away time from my family who was there to visit with my dying father.