We've Raised a Generation that's Unaccountable ! God Help Us.

We’ve raised a generation of kids who are entitled, who lack personal accountability & believe their feelings are the only thing that matters & when they explode we don’t blame them we say we have a gun issue. Yet we are somehow surprised by the repetition of these events?

We give the kids and grandkids everything they want, kids are pushed into sports, dance, the list goes on. They are occupied with activities and never learn how to be a kid, we give them computers, smart phones, tablets, and games to play on them.

But they never learn accountability, or consequences for their actions. When I was a kid I played in the back yard after school after my homework was finished, I had chores to do, I had responsibilities, I was accountable for my actions.

If the kids we played with did not play by the rules, soon you were not asked to play any longer with the other kids, if you cheated no one would play with you either. And when you had a problem with someone you had a fistfight, someone won and someone lost, and usually you became friends afterwords.

Today times have changed, I rarely see kids outside playing like we did, we used our imagionation we had to think for ourselves, no computers. no smart phones , just our brains. We had no helmets when we rode a bike, we drank from the garden hose, we did math with paper and a pencil, we carried change incase we had to call home, and when the street lights came on you knew you had better be home.



We’ve reached the era of the generation of idiots…


Not all however.
There are exceptions.



Agreed, good post…children lack respect and some grow up to be liberals


My great nephew is spending the summer up here at the farm. He is staying with my sister
(His grandma). He is an only child that my nephew is raising by himself. If the 14 year old was staying at my house I would already shipped him back to his dad. Smart mouthed, disrespectful nothing is his fault. I had permission from his dad to let him shoot 22’s. He still hasnt showed enough respect and willingness to do what he is told to do. He has went to our range with me and watched but is not touching any of my firearms till he pulls his head out of his a$$. I would really like to teach him to shoot like I did his dad but he doesn’t even want to take the time to learn the 4 rules of gun safety.
Maybe in his 20’s or 30’s but not in his teens.


The core friends and family were here Saturday. All law abiding firearm owners.
Our kids all are doing well. All that could made a range date with me.
Everyone a rat hater.
I was so proud of what we raised.


Technology has helped the electrolyte industry. Maybe Einstein shouldve helped produce more weapons of mass destruction and this wouldve been less of an issue.


It’s all those damn warning labels.
They saved all the stupid ones that would have fell down the elevator shaft :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Great topic
Im of the opinion that the qualities stated in the original post is being bred out of us for convenience
Kids now a days are used to having things right now and not earning them so they lack a respect for what it is they have
They don’t earn they demand
There feelings are a whole other issue
This whole issue stems from being raised by indoctrination tactics used by the elite
They are dumbed down in ways that we we never
Any half way successful household has zero supervision because both parents have to work 70 hours a week just to survive


@Giantspeed. I agree with most of what you said, However I came from a divorced family in the 60’s. My mom remarried and both parents worked, I was Given responsibilities that came with consequences, most of today’s kids have no consequences for their actions. Whether both parents work or not .


When the parents want to be the child’s best friend and mis behavior is without consequences the child loses respect. They get a new cellphone or video game or whatever to try to get the child to behave. So now what did the kid just learn.


I won’t even get into my childhood, it would fill a book that would probably be mistaken as fiction. But what I learned from my childhood I did the total opposite when I had kids.

I NEVER spanked my kids or yelled at them, ever. I didn’t have to. When they would go to the store with me or anywhere in public, they were angels. They weren’t loud or screaming/crying or begging for things. They never thew a tantrum. I never worried about having to watch them all the time for fear they would get into trouble. And it’s not because they feared me or even feared consequences. They wanted to be good. I was able to love my children, discipline them accordingly (but hardly ever had to do this), and be a friend to them and still they were and always have been great people and great children.

What I think it all comes down to is observation, dedication and communication and a little bit of patience.
My parents did NOT set any kind of example for me, so I had to learn on the fly when I had children. I knew it was my duty to protect them and mold them into the adults that I would be proud of without suppressing their individuality. If there’s anything in this life that I have done right, it was and still is, being a mother.
I know from experience that you can have the worst parents in the world, and still turn out being a good person, a kind person, and an honest person despite the way you were raised or your economic situation.
I also know that its possible to teach kids from the day they are born how to be good, setting an example, thereby eliminating ever having to lay a hand on them or argue with them.

The difference between my childhood and my children’s childhood is that my siblings and I turned out to be good people despite my horrible parents. And my parents are not part of any of our lives at all now.
My children did not go through hell, but they were not spoiled either, especially with material possessions. They are great people and they love me and I love them very much.

So when I see someone, a criminal or a murderer or one of these spoiled brats use their childhood or living conditions as an excuse for their crimes and deeds, I simply want to say “Come on over and we’ll compare notes. We’ll see who had a messed up home.” Ultimately, YOU and you alone are responsible for your actions and your destiny.


I’m a firm believer that the internet, social media, hollyweird, today’s government/public school curriculum & parental restrictions on child discipline act are some of the big culprits towards many of the issues we see nowadays.

I was to afraid to screw up as a kid cause I knew I’d get my a$$ beat by my old man.

Discipline from the old man taught me right from wrong super quick and I always made sure not to repeat my dumbA$$ mistakes.

Today, he’d be put behind bars for the way he raised me.

I know this cause it happen to me once when I disciplined one of my kids firmly and I wasn’t nearly as bad as my father.

I only did it once the entire time I raised my boys and I don’t regret it at all.

I spent four hours in jail and a fair amount of money to get it all straighten out in my favor.

There’s a time you just have to do what’s right as a parent and not allow your government dictate those decisions.

Humans Are Growing Weird, Bone Spikes on Their Skulls. Smartphones May Be the Culprit.

By Laura Geggel June 14, 2019 Health

The hours we spend scrolling through our smartphones appear to be changing our skulls. This may be the reason why some people — especially the younger crowd — are developing a weird, bony spike just above their necks.

The bony skull bump — known as an external occipital protuberance — is sometimes so large, you can feel it by pressing your fingers on the base of your skull.

“I have been a clinician for 20 years, and only in the last decade, increasingly, I have been discovering that my patients have this growth on the skull,” David Shahar, a health scientist at the University of The Sunshine Coast, Australia, told the BBC in a fascinating feature about the changing human skeleton. [10 Amazing Things We Learned About Humans in 2018]

A cause-and-effect relationship hasn’t been identified, but it’s possible that the spike comes from constantly bending one’s neck at uncomfortable angles to look at smart devices. The human head is heavy, weighing about 10 lbs. (4.5 kilograms), and tilting it forward to look at funny cat photos (or however you spend your smartphone time) can strain the neck — hence the crick people sometimes get, known as “text neck.”

Text neck can increase pressure on the juncture where the neck muscles attach to the skull, and the body likely responds by laying down new bone, which leads to that spiky bump, Shahar told the BBC. This spike distributes the weight of the head over a larger area, he said.

In a 2016 study in the Journal of Anatomy, Shahar and a colleague looked at the radiographs of 218 young patients, ages 18 to 30, to determine how many had these bumps. Regular spikes had to measure at least 0.2 inches (5 millimeters), and enlarged spikes measured 0.4 inches (10 mm).

In all, 41% of the group had an enlarged spike and 10% had an especially large spike measuring at least 0.7 inches (20 mm), the doctors found. In general, enlarged spikes were more common in males than in females. The largest spike belonged to a man, sticking out at 1.4 inches (35.7 mm).

Another study of 1,200 individuals, ages 18 to 86, that Shahar and a co-researcher did revealed that these spikes are more prevalent in younger people. Enlarged spikes occurred in 33% of the group, but participants ages 18 to 30 years old were significantly more likely to have these spikes than the older generations, they found.

These bony spikes are likely here to stay, Shahar said. “Imagine if you have stalactites and stalagmites, if no one is bothering them, they will just keep growing,” he told the BBC. Luckily, these spikes rarely cause medical issues. If you are experiencing discomfort, however, try improving your posture, he said.


You guys sound like a bunch of old people drinking coffee at the local cafe bickering about a teenager that just walked in with dyed hair and a nose ring lol


Wrong gender.
When I taught scuba diving, the females listened and go it.
The young boys were more trouble and quite often were excused from the class,
Good bye and don’t let the door smack you on the way out.
Much the same with shooting.


I could use a refill please :coffee:


Of course we are, have you seen @LonewolfMcQuade and @Caw ? now there’s two that need talked about.


Got to agree with Joe on this one.
There are plenty of stories of our failure to bring up our kids right and plenty of excuses why.
But that is what they are Excuses.
What about the discussion on How to change that?
We can whine and cry about our own past, and how these kids are (Baby Boomer here; your all kids with a few exceptions) or we can discuss how we fix what we created.
I don’t avoid confrontational discussions with my 18yr old and over the past year or so he has swung the other way.
He is becoming Conservative.
Sure he listens and then goes and finds arguments on StewTube and places but I think he has realized the Old Goat might have something with his arguments.
He used to play the Race Card and I would jump all over that with a fury. (He is a person of color)
I don’t hear that anymore.
Not At All.

Some facts and observations of mine.

  1. We cannot live with the Left
    . As Conservatives our ideals are so polarized against each other we cannot come to a consensus.
  2. We cannot Teach the Left.
    They will not listen or engage in meaningful discussion or reciprocate discussion that may result in them changing their viewpoints.
  3. We cant outvote the Left.
    They are so embedded in the populace parts of this country that they dictate the course of politics and ideals in this country. But we can at this time put them in check. Lets not lose that Ace now.
  4. Education of the young is our hope.
    Educating our young and always striving to bring meaningful conversations with those around us can bring the middle people to our side. The hard rooted Left Wingers are lost already.
  5. We must STOP bringing race into conversations.
    We need to refer to ourselves as Americans. You are not Puerto Rican, or Black, or Asian, or Arab, or from Venus or Mars. We need to start referring to each-other as Americans!! And when others refer to themselves as a race jump straight into their shit. Referring to race in any way is a Left Wing fight tool they are extremely successful at deploying and using against us. And to be blunt.
  6. We need to engage.
    At Home, on Forums, on Social Media if you partake in that, at Work, and even in General Public places if the opportunity arises. Do not be afraid you may offend someone. Lord Knows they are not afraid to offend us.

Oh well a few thoughts.
Wont buy you a damn thing; but perhaps a better future some day.


Ive already started doing this and im only 30 years old but in my defense my son will be a teenager in a few months.